Boraie Development Growth in New Jersey

Boraie Development is one of the leading real estate companies in the country. Over the past few years, Boraie Development has expanded in various ways. The company is building more homes and buildings than ever before. Omar Boraie is the current CEO of the company. Since he became CEO, the company has improved both sales and profits.


One of the biggest reasons for the growth of the company is the strong economy. More people have the disposable income to purchase a home. Boraie Development helps people with the construction process. Not only do they design homes that meet precise specifications, but they also help with annual maintenance needs.



Working Conditions


Boraie Development attracts top talent from various areas of the country. Many people want to work at Boraie Development due to the favorable working conditions. Not only do workers receive high pay, but workers also qualify for bonuses based on their performance at work.


In a recent blog post at Central Jersey Working Moms, a writer mentioned that working moms could benefit from getting a job at Boraie Development. Unlike many companies, the people at Boraie Development do not discriminate against working moms. There is a daycare close by, and moms can take time off to spend with their children. Generous time off is just one example of a way that Boraie Development gives back to the local community.



Housing Market


According to, with the strong housing market, Boraie Development is in an excellent position for the future. Many people believe that the company will continue investing in the growth of the business. Omar Boraie wants to make Boraie Development the largest real estate company in the United States. By providing quality customer service at an affordable price, Omar Boraie is confident in the future of his company. Anyone who aspires to work for a company that cares about employees should consider Boraie Development.


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