Betsy DeVos’ Role in Advocating for Educational Reforms

Betsy DeVos is an advocate of educational reforms. Young Elizabeth delved into politics way back at Calvin College. She first became involved in campus politics during her vacation and remained active ever since. Mrs. DeVos has led political campaigns and political party committees for over 30 years. In fact, she held the position of Michigan Republican Party’s chairman for six years. Political and educational reforming tendency seems to run in her family. Her husband, Dick DeVos, was the 2006 Republican nominee for the Governor of Michigan.


In educational reforms as in politics, Betsy DeVos strives to develop innovative solutions to social problems. In 1989, Mrs. DeVos founded Windquest Group, a private company that specialized in renewable energy, technology, and manufacturing. Besides her role at Windquest Group, she is the former president of Amway and the Orlando Magic NBA franchise. Mrs. DeVos uses a variety of non-profit initiatives to pursue educational reforms. In her role as the chairman of the Dick and Besty DeVos Family Foundation, her charitable interests vary widely. She also sits on the boards of organizations such as Kids Hope USA, DeVos Institute of Arts Management, the Foundation for Excellence in Education, Mars Hill Bible Church, and the Kennedy Center. Mrs. DeVos is known for her role in advocating for educational reforms. She currently chairs the boards of the Alliance for School Choice and the American Federation for Children.


In an interview with Philanthropy, Mrs. DeVos said that homeschooling is a perfectly valid educational option. Homeschooling is highly regarded, especially in urban areas. Homeschooling puts parents in charge of their kid’s education. Nonetheless, most children lack the power to choose where their children will go to school. She added that charter schools are another viable educational option. As Betsy DeVos strives to develop more educational options, she always considers charter schools as part of the equation. For them, educational choice movement encompasses virtual schools, charter schools, magnet schools, and homeschooling.


When asked how she divides her time, Mrs. DeVos said that she doesn’t segment her time. Instead, she accompanies her husband every time she goes for charitable work such as supporting the aviation charter school and Potter’s House School. Their holistic effort to improve the American education is the same. Nonetheless, they are always careful when it comes to public-policy advocacy. Mrs. DeVos said that they have to be careful when allocating resources, personnel, and staff time. Besty DeVos has to be careful when recording information to ensure compliance with all IRS regulations and campaign-finance laws regarding work. Nonetheless, she can look at her time more holistically since she works as a volunteer. She spends much of her time encouraging donors to get involved in educational reforms advocacy.


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