JHSF, the Brazilian construction company that leaves a mark

JHSF is a renowned Brazilian company that focuses on the development of high end residential and commercial projects. The company was founded in 1972 and has been recognized for their ability to identify and exploit new opportunities in the markets it operates in. JHSF participates in the development of shopping centers, high-end hotels and restaurants, international airports and top end residential buildings. The ability for JHSF to present sustainable development solutions is part of the company’s DNA.

JHSF is present in Brazil, Uruguay, and the USA. Since its inception, JHSF has developed real estate projects that are over 6 million square meters and in 2017 a market value of about R$ 1.2 billion. Some of the major infrastructural developments conducted by JHSF include the 815 on the fifth avenue in New York, Las Piedra’s residential development in Uruguay and Sao Paulo Catarina Executive Airport in Brazil.

José AuriemoNeto studied in Sao Paulo at the Fundação Armando Álvares University. He successfully founded the service department at JHSF and later developed the Group’s Shopping Santa Cruz, which was the first shopping area for JHSF. José Auriemo Neto is a businessman who is passionate about the real estate industry and this is clearly seen when he moved his whole family to New York so that he could closely monitor the construction of a high-end apartment complex for JHSF. He has also overseen some high-end developments such as Hotel Fasano.

José Auriemo Neto is the CEO and Chairman at JHSF. He began working for JHSF in 1993. His main role in this company is to oversee the brand’s interests and developments. José oversaw the first venture which was the partnership with Pucci, Jimmy Choo, and Hermesto to open their first retail outlets in 2009. José Auriemo Neto also assisted JHF in the partnership with Valentino in opening their first stores in Brazil in 2012.

JHSF ensures the best environmental sustainability practices are met throughout the stages of their development projects. They are also involved in corporate social responsibility projects with the communities that are found adjacent to their developments. JHSF also invested in the construction of the GRAACC children’s cancer hospital in Sao Paulo, Brazil. They are also associated with the Ethos Institute Business and Social Responsibility, a non-governmental organization in Brazil that was created to sensitize the corporate social responsibility of companies.


Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund’s support of DACA

Members of the Republican party have been pushing for the end of a very important program protecting thousands of young immigrants in the United States. Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) has been under extreme pressure to come to an end by those who oppose it. Ken Paxton, Texas’s Attorney General, along with 9 other red state attorney generals addressed a letter to Donald Trump pressuring him to end the program, which he promised he would end during his presidential campaign. In the letter, Paxton gives Trump a September 5, 2017, deadline to end the program, threatening to take legal action against Trump and his administration if he doesn’t.

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals is a program created in 2012 by President Obama which protects those brought to the U.S illegally as children from being deported. The program’s protection is issued for two year periods and has to be renewed at the end of the time period. There are a series of qualifications to be eligible for protection, such as, currently enrolled in school, no felonies or significant misdemeanors, and under the age of 31. The program allows recipients to receive a work permit and social security cards allowing them to be productive members of society. Through the program, thousands of individuals have been able to start businesses, apply for college, and buy cars and homes providing billions of dollars to our country’s economy.

Many of those who receive DACA protection were brought here as young children and have no memory of their original birthplace. As a result, all they know and have is here in the United States. Therefore, by ending the program would not only be devastating to the innocent people but would also be an extreme detriment to the economy.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund supports the continuing of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. The Lacey and Larkin fund was started in 2007 after an illegal arrest and detainment of Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin by the Joe Arpaio and the Maricopa County Sheriff’s office. As a result of their illegal arrest, the two were rewarded a $3.7 million dollar settlement at the end of a long court battle between the two and the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office. Mike and Jim used their reward to start the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. The fund helps those of the Hispanic community who are constant victims of civil rights violations and discrimination.

The Lacey and Larkin fund has shown strong support of the DACA program started by the Obama Administration 5 years ago and will help in the fight to keep the program. All for the hope of one day having possible a DREAM act passed legislation providing DREAMers with the opportunity to become permanent citizens.

The New Acquisition By Goettl Air Conditioning

The acquisition of Walton’s Heating and Air by Goettl Air Conditioning has recently been announced. Walton’s Heating and Air is based in southern California. It is a family owned HVAC business. The financial details are yet to be disclosed about this deal.

Post this acquisition, Goettl Air Conditioning will be able to extend its operations in California too. Presently it is based in Phoenix, besides Tucson, as well as Las Vegas. Even Walton’s will be able to grow and expand. It could not have managed this on its own. Hence this acquisition will be benefitting both the companies.

Walton’s had become stagnant as the family-owned business was not able to expand any further under its present ownership. It was in 2015 that Goettl Air Conditioning had shown interest in acquiring this company. At that time, its owners were reluctant. However, they were convinced as they got positive vibes from others in the HVAC industry about Goettl Air Conditioning and its owner, Ken Goodrich. Hence Longbrake, the owner of Walton’s decided to go for it.

This acquisition finalized in 2015 itself. Longbrake is happy as his company has grown ten times since the acquisition. Now he is working as the sales manager as well as field supervisor after this acquisition. He has adjusted to the company culture really well. He is a leader for the entire organization.

Even though this deal had been finalized long ago, the announcement has come only now. This was due to several operational issues in Walton’s beside a number of marketing complications too.

Hence all this had to be put in place before the takeover by Goettl Air Conditioning. All this was managed before making the announcement about the acquisition.

The reason behind the smooth acquisition is stated to be the similarity in the family background as well as values of the two companies. Walton’s was able to provide a platform where Goettl Air Conditioning could grow.

Due to this acquisition, Goettl Air Conditioning currently has 306 employees. There is a projection of 200 new jobs that will be created. These will be mainly in Tucson as well as Phoenix, as they are the largest markets for the company.

In this way, Goettl Air Conditioning will soon become a nationwide brand. By 2018, the company will be expanding into northern California. This will soon be followed by entering into Texas. Hence the growth plans have been charted out.

Talk Fusion: This Is The Real Thing

Talk Fusion is the real thing for so many people out there in the business world and the tech world. They swear by it, they love it, and they can’t get enough of it. They know a good thing when they see it and they are going to get on board with it because they have heard all of the success stories. The success stories are what really make Bob Reina happy and they really put a smile on his face as the CEO and founder of the company since 2007. These are the reasons he does what he does and hires the men and women that he does.

Talk Fusion is a video communications provider that really does it all for its customers that are looking to expand their client base. That is always what a company is trying to do: they want to keep the customers coming back for more and more. They have done that by always making the product the best it can be at all times. This is the high standard that the Technology Marketing Corporation is looking for as a company when they hand out the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award (http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/talk-fusion-video-chat-wins-2016-communications-solutions-product-of-the-year-award-300315095.html?tc=eml_cleartime). That is why it was awarded to Talk Fusion and that is also why they won two awards from the Technology Marketing Corporation.

They see a company that is clearly in touch with the needs of its customers and adapting to those needs. So many businesses are clueless in that regard because they do not listen to their customers. They think they are smarter than their customers and have it all figured out. Bob Reina believes that the customers and the company are one in the same. They need to be working in rhythm. When that occurs and it always does with Talk Fusion, customers are staying on board and they are happy with the money that is being spent on Talk Fusion. Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/talk-fusion

They also know they are supporting a company that is for the betterment of the people. Bob Reina is one of the most charitable CEO’s out there. Learn more: https://www.facebook.com/TalkFusion/

The Visionary Leaders Of The Ubuntu Fund, Including Andrew Rolfe, Focuses On Needy Children

The founders of the Ubuntu Fund incorporated the institution for purposes of assisting disadvantaged children in the society. Since 1999, the Fund has used its resources to help more than 400,000 needy children. Owing to the large number of less fortunate families in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, the founders of the organization deemed it fit to establish a school in the locality. Initially, the school campus provided the children with education. However, the enrollment and children performance in class did not impress the leaders of the Fund. To this end, they decided to undertake a research to unearth the reasons thereof. The studies showed that HIV/AIDs epidemic and hunger were making many children not to realize their potentials in school. The management of the Fund moved with speed and started offering nutrition and catering for their healthcare needs.

The institution has a sound program that seeks to support needy students once they join the campus until they finish their studies and start their careers. In the spirit of helping more needy students, the management organized a gala dinner in London. 300 guests attended the invitation-only event. The management of the Fund had set a target of £600,000. The gala dinner lasted the entire night. The leadership of the organization posited that they were able to raise more than £603,000.

This fund shall be used to expand the school’s infrastructure, including the development of a modern pediatric clinic. This facility will ensure that the children lead a healthy life. The rest of the money shall be expended on providing more needy children with education and basic needs.

About Andrew Rolfe

Andrew Rolfe is one of the revered leaders of the Fund. As the chairman of the institution, Rolfe has been heavily involved in raising resources for the organization. His sound educational background and vast connections have helped him to mobilize people to make their generous contributions to the institution.

The visionary leader has rendered his services for different companies. At Gap, Rolfe worked as the president in charge of its international division. He was responsible for overseeing the company’s operations in different countries. In addition, Andrew has rendered his services for PepsiCo and Booker Foodservice.


Money and More

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin know all about helping migrants make money through the Frontera Fund. They also know the value of human rights, collectively. Frontera leads the way. Frontera has raised plenty of money toward the good cause and hopes to raise some more next month and beyond.

Migrants often don’t come from money, and that’s a sad fact we forget most of the time. These people usually flee their past countries to learn something new and make enough money just to eat and drink. Most of their countries’ labor laws are so strict and misunderstood that they are not even thought of in the U.S. Read more: Michael Larcey | Facebook

For instance, many laborers in the Mexico, even those with the most experience and the highest salaries altogether, tend to barely enough to cover one meal a day – and that’s usually only for one person. Imagine the sacrifice that many of these people must make just to survive, much less thrive and advance with their lives: The reality is quite brutal, then, is it not?

A decent wage laborer in Mexico City may earn the equivalent of $7 USD in one full day’s work, which is almost enough to buy a Pepsi and a small plate of food that day. Some top salaried positions in Venezuela, for instance, pay what is equal to $40 USD a month. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/about-lacey-larkin-frontera-fund/michael-lacey/ and http://www.bizjournals.com/phoenix/potmsearch/detail/submission/6427818/Michael_Lacey

No one in their right mind can possibly budget such a small amount and support a family in this way; think about it. Thus, risking it all to move to the U.S. in considerably the best option: These migrants know that, when they are there, things will most certainly begin to look up.

Getting into the U.S. is the hard part; since many cannot afford so much as a plane ticket, they attempt to cross over illegally and are caught and deported 9 times out of 10. Once they escape their country’s return deportation or are released, they feel there is nothing to lose and try to enter the U.S. again.

Some are successful after several tries, and that is where illegal immigrants come from; their story is one of much sweat, tears, bloodshed, and loss altogether – but still one we can learn much from.

Once they finally enter the U.S., they make every attempt to hold onto every bit of money they have while trying to get a job. Illegal immigrants are very limited on the jobs that they can get, not to mention that these are even scarcer for those who do not speak the local country’s language:

Nonetheless, they put their best feet forward and work hard within a niche, eventually moving up and showing their employers what it means to have a disciplined, dedicated and intelligent worker at their side whenever they need one. In this regard, they also hope to remain in good standing with the company and with the country as a greater whole. They make every effort to keep their nationality in good standing in the country.

Securus Technologies Hunting Dangerous Fugitives

Currently I work on part of a fugitive task force that is responsible for locating the most dangerous suspects in the country. We got a tip there was a violent offender in the city, and he was laying low while the heat died down. We usually have very limited time to apprehend these dangerous fugitives because they are always moving fro city to city to stay one step ahead of the authorities. We could not afford to have this suspect getting away, so we sprang into action the minute we got the call.


In a new city, the fugitive will have to rely on family or friends to keep them off the radar, otherwise they would stick out like a sore thumb in the city. With no time to waste, we tried to get all our local informants to try and aid with the arrest, but no one knew anything. When you want to get the dirt on a criminal, you have to be willing to go where the criminals are right at home, so a trip to the local jail was in order. These inmates do not take kindly to police asking questions, but it did get them talking.


Securus Technologies is responsible for installing the modernized inmate telephone system we use in the jail to listen to calls the inmates are making. The company is based out of Dallas, has one thousand employees, and is run by CEO Richard Smith. The LBS software gives us the chance to hear all the calls from all the inmates without missing a single conversation. Our suspect was in fact a topic of many conversations, having made enemies with several rival gang members who pointed out in those calls where the street gang members might find him hiding. We got to the locations first, and took him in without incident.


CP&B Global CEO, Lori Senecal, set to Leave her Role in the Advertising Company

After two years of serving as the President of CP&B Global, Lori Senecal has announced her due departure from the MDC Associates shop at the end of this year. The agency has since declared its objective of reinstituting a new top leadership team.

Her assumption of the Chief Executive role in 2015 marked the first since the inception of CP&B, yet Senecal and the agency’s Chairman, Chuck Porter, came up with an exit plan the moment she joined the advertising agency.

In a statement, Mr. Porter remarked,” Since there is a favorable structure in place, Lori and I are nurturing the next collection of leaders. We are approaching the matter with patience, so we think over the issue critically and make rational decisions regarding CP&B leadership, and we are readying ourselves for a seamless transition following Lori’s retirement.”

Under her leadership, Lori expanded CP&B Global on a worldwide scope, most remarkably when she won American Airlines. Further, she came up with a global management structure and communication channels that raised the company’s objectivity. Check out Adweek to know more.

Her departure is but one of the many high-profile exits from the enterprise. Recently, Richard Pinder, The Chief of CP&B UK announced his intention to depart from the firm after spending three years at the pinnacle of the UK subsidiary. The news comes amid reports that claim the company’s chief creative officer, Dave Bounaguidi, will follow suit.

About Lori Senecal

As the Global President of CP+B, her job description entailed overseeing and managing the global growth of the agency and ensuring effective coordination of the nine international branches. From the moment she assumed the position, Lori Senecal has brought impeccably notable changes in working culture and business operations.

According to Fast Company, before joining CP&B, Lori was the CEO of MDC Partner Network, where she had the tacit obligation of spearheading the strategic goals and enhancing collaboration between the company and its partners. Since 2009, she had served in multiple executive positions in CP&B kbs & partners including CEO and Global Executive Chair.

She attended the McGill University, where Lori obtained a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Marketing and Finance.

How Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey Are Fighting For Human Rights

There are different ways through which individuals in the society can engage themselves in the process of helping those who are disadvantaged in the society. However, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey have a unique method since they know that easiest way to which such an action can be achieved is by fully taking advantage of the small opportunities that cross our path in this life.

Opportunities come once in a lifetime, and these two individuals know how to benefit from such chances. As a result, they have ended up making such a huge impact in the world of human rights advocacy by establishing an organization that continues to foresee that the rights of those who might want to fight the political powers that have been set or even express their opinions are never abused. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

The authorities that have been established know how to fight back the moment they feel threatened and this exactly what the Lacey and Larking Frontera fund foundation is out there to ensure it comes to a halt.

The challenge being faced in today’s society may be huge, and therefore, it is only by making one step at a time that success will eventually be achieved. Jim and Michael have ensured that more people can get hold of the opportunities that exist, and they have reduced the fear that used to exist among the masses with regards to the consequences that may be faced once they poke the law.

Freedom of expression is a right that is entitled to all individuals in the society, but it is exactly what Jim and Michael ended up suffering for when they made a publication in the Phoenix News Times.

However, their continuous fight for the rights of others and extreme dedication towards the course of protecting human rights have yielded positive results as they have ensured that it is possible for more people in the society to succeed in different situations with less worry unlike it used to be in the past.

Jim and Michael are always in the course of helping other people in the society, and they have achieved this by ensuring that they report on various issues that people face in the society while addressing the need for ensuring that such problems are brought to an end.

However, when they got into problems as a result of reporting on their sheriff, Jim and Michael decided to start a foundation, once it was established that they were being punished as a result of stating the truth.

As much as Lacey and Larkin had to resolve the various issues that faced them, they have always ensured that they help other people in the society who have never had the opportunity of expressing themselves.

The Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin Frontera fund has continually enabled Jim and Michael to fight for the rights of more individuals in the society than other public group formations, and they continue to do this no matter the challenges that they may face in future.

A Home Business And A Glass Of Wine

If you have ever wanted a home business, but didn’t know which direction to turn, there is an exciting, lucrative concern you may not have heard about.

If you enjoy a glass of wine once in a while, and want to start a home business, why not combine the two of them together? If you have friends that enjoy a glass of wine, you can invite them to a wine tasting party.

With The Traveling Vineyard, all you have to do is host a wine tasting party, and the sales will mount up quickly. Most of the sales of wine are impulse buys. That is to say, people purchase wine on an impulse. Very few people go to the store with the intention of purchasing a particular type of wine or brand of wine.

Almost 80% of all wine sales are impulse buys. Think of what the sales will be if people know that they are at a wine tasting party and will be offered a chance to buy the very wine they just tasted.

What is interesting about wine is that the varietals will change from season to season. A lot depends on the weather and the soil conditions in the wine regions where the grapes are grown.

The Traveling Vineyard does not offer cheap fruit flavored wines. Their wines are purchased through vintners who judge the wines, and only purchase the best of the wines from the best chateaux in France and other locations.

Those are the kinds of wines that you and your friends at your wine tasting party will sample, along with snacks to enhance the flavor of each type of wine. At your wine tasting party, The Traveling Vineyard will supply a wine tasting kit, including the invitations, the wines, the snacks, and party favors and gifts. And of course, the most important thing, too: order forms. There is no hard sell on your part. These wines sell themselves.

Then ask a friend to host a wine tasting party for you. You can increase your customer base, and your customer list will continue to grow, and other, older customers will come back for more.

Try The Traveling Vineyard. Have a glass of wine, and make money!

Read more on Crunchbase.

Learn More: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Traveling_Vineyard