Arthur Becker experiences in Real Estate Business and Info-Tech expertise

Arthur Becker is the chief executive officer and chairperson of Zinio LLC based in New York. Arthur co-founded Atlanta investors in 2002 and serves as one of the Managing members of the firm. According to NY Mag, he also serves as the Managing Director of the Madison Technology Group LLC in New York from the year 2001 to date. His career life concentrates on real estate enterprise and also info-tech services.

Arthur Becker became the chief executive officer and a board member of NaviSite, a position he has been holding for eight years since2002. NaviSite is a leading international enterprise that deals with the provision of cloud-enabled hosting and application services like cloud desktop, applications, cloud infrastructure, and hosting services. The service is in high demand from people in business who want to lower their capital expenditures. Arthur shifted to Vera Wang Fashion Enterprise after the sale of NaviSite to Time Warner in 2001. In a report by US, they separated after 23 years.

Zinio LLC has seen more profits under the leadership of Arthur Becker. Zinio LLC is a globally recognised digital tech firm located in New York. Apart from having offices in San Francisco, Barcelona and London, the headquarters of Zinio LLC is in New York. The firm deals with digital publishing and advertising, mobile computing, and magazine applications.

The New York-based, Atlantic Investors LLC was also founded by Arthur Becker to expand his real estate ideas. Atlantic Investors is an investment advisor and fee-only financial planner firm. It’s a company that focuses on public and private equity investment and real estate.

Arthur’s interest in the real estate business has seen him own three adjacent townhouses in Sullivan Street around Soho, reveals Arthur plans to reside in one of the houses and plans to sell or lease the rest. Arthur has invested approximately %$500 million in the New Yok real estate business.

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