Achievements by Omar Boraie to Real Estate Business in New Brunswick

New Brunswick is a transformed city. It is now an urban orchard. No one ever believed that it could come this far. The vision was set right from the start. This is all by the undying efforts of the celebrated to star, Omar Boraie. He has changed the lives of many people in New Brunswick. He is admired for the tangible efforts he has imparted to the community. As one of the leading businessman in real estate, he did much.


He was a founder of Boraie Development, where he served as the vice chairperson. His leadership was celebrated because he changed the face of New Brunswick. He supported the notion of the division of labor in his company. The subdivision of teams in his company made the workers specialize in what they were to do. Though, they still worked together with the major aim of transforming the city.


According to NY Times, the selected team who worked at the department of sales and marketing did marvelous work. They ensured to work seamlessly with the property management team to bring out their best in service delivery to the citizens. Much focus is put on transformation. The sale of real estate property was best done by Boraie Realty Subsidiary. The residential and commercial transaction was great. Since the establishment of the company, over $150 million of real estate property has been sold.


Financial restructuring and adequate planning are all the drivers to this transformation agenda. Viable real estate projects are now seen. The community now benefits from the company. People have all the reasons to be proud of the city. Modern buildings, posh apartments and community houses built by the successful philanthropist, has completely changed the landscape of New Brunswick. Good housing and food are regarded as a tool for transformation. His support of prestigious institutions in various events in summer was the way to go to further enhance the redevelopment project. Check out Central Jersey Working Moms to see more.


Omar Boraie worked in various organizations, such as Elijah’s Promise, to distribute food to the needy. Property development is ensured by first developing communities. This translates to the transformation of the city. Advancing communities should be the first priority for the developers who want to transform a city.



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