A Modern Day Folk Hero

Doug Levitt is a writer; musician and journalist who choose to make a wonderfully authentic American journey across the United States riding the iconic Greyhound Bus.

He’s definitely a folk hero sort of guy, writing songs about the people and places he encounters on his travels. Doug Levitt says he was inspired by an interest in people who struggle to survive and who are generally the ones who ride the Greyhound Bus in the first place. His songs reflect his observations about situations and locations and the great variety of people he’s met along the way.

Although he originally intended to make a 6 week trip, it became a lifelong passion and so far has traveled 70,000 across America over a period of 7 years, collecting stories, writing and singing his own songs. His voice is unique; not perfect, but honest, easy to listen to and clearly emotionally connected to every word he sings. His music is available at Amazon. He still travels with his journal, camera and guitar.

His book “Greyhound Diaries: Eastbound Edition” is available on Amazon. The reviews describe a compassionate author with the ability to create a sense of time and place. As he travels in the same way and often with the same destination, he is in the unique position of meeting people he might never come across and learning their personal stories. He has a clear understanding of how poverty shapes lives and wants others to be aware of that aspect of American life. He clearly hasn’t finished yet as he keeps an up to date Twitter account where he continues to share his ongoing experiences with his writing and profound photographs. He still travels with his journal, camera and guitar.

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