Dr. Sam Jejurikar

Dr. Sam Jejurikar is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Dallas. He is a member of the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute, the Dallas Society of Plastic Surgeons, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, and the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. He is an expert in cosmetic surgery and a specialist in facial and body procedures.

Upwork Offers Investors A Big Pay Off

For the past decade, the American workforce has approached working much different than previous generations. Particularly the millennial generation has been attracted to many jobs in the non traditional sector. This has birthed a way of freelancing opportunities and gig work type of jobs. Big time executives, corporations and investors have taken notice. Because of

The Career Of David McDonald

David McDonald OSI Group grew up in northeast Iowa where he developed an interest in agriculture. Although his family did not have substantial ground regarding finance, McDonald received a proper education to support him in his endeavor to improve the agricultural production. During his time at Iowa State University where McDonald graduated with a bachelor’s


When people are in trouble they often seek help from someone who have the power to save them. Many companies today are in trouble, one, from a failing economy, and two, for a failure to hire competent corporate professionals. There’s a firm that is instrumental in helping companies to stay financially solvent, that company is

Robert Ivy & the Importance of Professional Associations

A recent article reported about the perks of being involved with professional organizations on the US News site. Joining a professional organization can be very helpful for people networking for work/business opportunities. According to the American Society of Association Executives in 2010, there were over 92,000 professional and trade associations in the United States. These

Robert Ivy, CEO of the American Institute of Architects, Talks about the Importance of Professional Organizations

It is highly essential for a student leaving University to join a professional organization. There are a wide variety of these organizations in the United States, and almost all professions do have their own professional organizations for students to interact with each other, make connections, share and to get job offers. Visit the website Architectural

Boraie Development the Strategic Real Estate Business Partner

Boraie development is slowly gaining popularity in the real estate sector. They have massive understanding in property management, sales and marketing and real estate development. They work with qualified and repeatable architects and financial institutions with an aim of delivering quality services and housing to its customers. Why Choose Boraie Boraie is a reputable company

JD.com Set to Launch a New e-commerce Platform to Reach its Customers in a Better Way

JD.com, one of the leading Thai companies, is launching, JD CENTRAL, in Southeast Asia in collaboration with Central Group. The launching of the new e–commerce platform takes place on 28 September and will be an extension of JingDong’s investment in South Asia. The company’s services are available in Tiki, the top e-commerce B2C business in

Waiakea Water Main Pillars and the Sustainability Efforts

Waiakea Water is a firm that was founded on three main pillars which are sustainability, health, and ethics. Beyond providing clients with healthy bottled water, the company is committed to maintain and prioritize the surrounding and giving back to the disadvantaged communities. Hawaiian Volcanic water originates from the peaks of Mauna Loa Volcano flowing through