Todd Lubar Is Interviewed On Ideamensch

Who Is Todd Lubar?

Todd Lubar currently serves as the president at TDL Global Ventures, LLC. This is a startup incubator that invests in and helps develop new startup companies. Mr. Lubar also holds the post of senior vice president at Legendary Investments in Phoenix, Arizona. This is a real estate management and brokerage company that services the Phoenix, Arizona metro area. Legendary Investments invests in, buys, sells and manages residential property. It also offers services such as home owner association management and residential asset management for property owners with residential property in their portfolio.

In his page, Mr. Lubar has worked for over two decades in the mortgage industry. One of the positions he has held while working for various mortgage lending and real estate companies is a mortgage originator. This is a position where the person decides whether to lend out money to people for a mortgage or not. Todd Lubar has consistently ranked as being one of the top 25 mortgage originators in the mortgage industry for many years. Besides working with startups incubators and in the mortgage industry, Todd Lubar has also worked in the construction industry and the entertainment industry.

Some Highlights From Todd Lubar’s Interview On Ideamensch

The interview started off with Ideamensch asking Todd Lubar where he got the idea to create TDL Global Ventures, LLC. Mr. Lubar responded by saying that for a long time, he wanted to help others achieve their own dreams and find success. With a background in finance and credit management, Todd Lubar thought that the perfect way to help others obtain success was through a startup incubator. His incubator also allows startups access to much needed capital, which is now very difficult to obtain.

Ideamensch then asked how a typical day unfolds for Todd Lubar. His response was that he often looks at the news and then browses through his Facebook. Then he gets in a quick workout to clear his mind before he heads to the office. With an idea of world events and what is happening in his field, Todd Lubar says he is confident to tackle the challenges of the day and prioritize his goals.


EOS Lip Balms Are The Best On The Market Today

The Evolution Of Smooth has created a movement over the years for becoming the one type of brand that is changing the way everybody views chapstick and lip balm. It’s a huge brand that continues to grow over time because of the huge celebrity base it has in Hollywood. Their humble beginnings prove that a business can be successful with the right perseverance.

It all began when two business-minded people wanted to create a new product ( that would reach the required necessities that things like toothpaste are needed. They ended up on chapstick and found that the competition in this industry were lazy and wouldn’t do much except create as many chapsticks as possible. They found out that a small change in perception would improve how EOS lip balm products were viewed. With the help of designers and manufacturers, they decided and were fixated on the beauty of the sphere-shape that it is now. It’s quite unique and definitely had a unique take on it.

With the help of a few designers and packaging specialists, they got to get the product ready for the stores. They did that with the help of Walgreens who was the first to get this product into stores. Soon, Walmart and Target stocked EOS on their store shelves too. The sales skyrocketed after the company did a bunch of influential marketing. They worked with famous beauty bloggers throughout Facebook and different social media platforms, and they were shocked at how well it captivated audiences’ worldwide and got people interested and talking about the product. They changed how their product was seen because they utilize the right social media people for their campaigns.

With the help of the right social media influential and the best promoters, this company helped guide this brand ( on the right track. Today, the company continues to grow in all kinds of ways because of how well they market.

Sam Tabar a Leading Financial Advisor Working for FullCycle Energy Fund

Sam Tabar is a renowned business leader, financial advisor, and a very generous individual. Sam attended the Oxford University, and later he joined the Columbia University for a degree in law. When Sam was taking his law studies, he used to work as an editor for the Columbia Law review.

The people he interacted with working as an editor sharpened his legal skills, and he learned how important networking is for businesses.

He has worked as a lawyer and a financial advisor for many institutions and he has a very positive impact. He is currently working at the FullCycle Energy Fund as the firm’s COO. He has numerous responsibilities at the company among them directing the company finances and developing all the management plans. Learn more about Brad Reifler:

The company’s aim is to develop alternative fuels that are less costly and environmentally friendly. Sam is very passionate about environmental conservation, and he fits in the enterprise mission entirely. said that Sam Tabar has been in budget planning for many years, and he has worked for the leading financial institutions the experience he has brought to Full Cycle Energy is highly regarded. Merrill Lynch is among the prominent institutes that Sam has worked for; he was the company’s head of capital strategies a role that he delivered on excellently.

At the firm, Sam was able to employ the best finance managers to work with, and the company was able to make a lot of money than it had made under the previous leadership. Sam has excellent skills in marketing, and he was the marketing head of the Sparx Group (PMA) an Asia-Pacific company. Read more: Sam Tabar: A Shining Financial and Legal Mind

Bloomberg revealed that Sam Tabar financial advisory services are sought after by some of the leading investors across the world, and his excellence has earned him an excellent reputation.

Sam Tabar has been in legal practice and this combined with his financial prowess has helped him in managing FullCycle Energy Fund. Sam Tabar has a big heart for charity and sets aside a significant amount of his money to go toward charitable initiatives across the world.

Among the initiatives that he supports is THINX an organization that offers women with sanitary towels across Africa and other developing countries.

End Citizens United Aims to Overrun Big Money Politics in America

There has been the notion that American elections are influenced by billionaires who spend untraceable big and unlimited, money in the elections. And there is no transparency and accountability. Many people have heard about big corporations and billionaires like the Koch Brothers that try to use the money to gain political power.


End Citizens United was established in 2015 and is the Political Committee of Action sponsored by grassroots donors aimed to counter catastrophic results of big money politics (Citizens United). The primary goal of End Citizens United is to show candidates, press, elected officials and voters what billionaires are doing by interfering with elections.


The objective is to establish a broad working coalition to pressure for legal action and reforms in campaign finance. This new committee of political action aims to design for multi-billion dollar funding that is to be channeled towards competitive running Democratic Senate and House candidates.


End Citizens United has so far raised multi-million dollars from various donors. The group has a professional panel of veteran Democratic operatives that help create mass awareness about money politics and how to end the vice. The committee is composed of board top leaders committed to assisting election of Democratic champions that can help restore political power in America.


Richard Carbo, the End Citizens United’s communications director, said that the association is on track to raise additional millions that will be allocated for the running candidates. End Citizens United has an ultimate of passing amendments to the Constitution to reverse a ruling by the Supreme Court in 2010 that led to the rise of dark money politics and super PACs. Thousands of citizens have already given consent for Congress legislation to stop money politics.


The number of supporters even rose after the association joined with Ready for Hillary Organization that had many liberal potential supporters. Last year, End Citizens United endorsed many Democratic candidates like Sen. Michael Bennet and Russ Feingold. The Association also set up independent expenditure organization to support the running candidates through initiatives like polling, direct mailers, and television ads.


Practically the group aims to combat big money politics and the most manipulated political system by enacting measures that also secure ballots and polling. The team will achieve this by selecting pro-reform aspirant, creating money politics awareness at the national level and utilizing membership grassroots to reveal money politics and political power.


The group supports Democrats due to their constant fight to stop Citizens United. End Citizens United believes that with the present leadership, meaningful change can be achieved. The group does not, however, show any political favoritism, rather, it backs dedicated candidates who are ready to take action in reforming the broken American finance campaign structure.

Lime Crime Cosmetics Premieres Unicorn Hair Dye And More Diamond Crushers

Doe Deere once said that makeup, hair and fashion all blend together in creating the ultimate look. That’s exactly what her super popular Lime Crime cosmetics brand is all about. Their wildly delicious color palettes have now branched out into the hair color world.


It’s called Unicorn Hair Dye, and you’ve got to see it to believe it. The company’s been laboring for a few years now on how to achieve the perfect formula that is “semi-permanent, vegan hair dye” which fades naturally over time.


Doe Deere adores playing with vivid hair color herself, and she has made sure that Lime Crime’s hair color palettes do not disappoint. Jewel tone shades like Candy Blue, Electric Violet-Purple, Bottle Glass Green, Muted Pink Red and others shine brilliantly in special extra-pigmented gel formulas.


Unicorn Hair Dye is available in both Full Coverage and Tint, depending on how crazy wild you wish to go. The good news is in the blend because these formulas are safe, fun and won’t damage your locks. There is zero ammonia or peroxide, and the formulas are nourishing to all hair types.


For $16 a bottle, this is a good deal, and the product launches soon.


Lime Crime isn’t done yet, lovely unicorns. The brand is also busy adding sexy new top coats to their big seller line of Diamond Crushers. Yes, your lips will look like they’re lit with dazzling crushed diamonds in this modern lip gloss technology.


Three more luscious and naughty shades have just been introduced to the world. Lime Crime is debuting Cleopatra (rose gold tone shade), Acid Fairy (holographic shade) and Black Unicorn, (shimmering shade with oil-slick hue). Check out these lovely newcomers to the Diamond Crushers collection.


Diamond Crushers are unique in that the long lasting color is never drying and won’t smudge or transfer. Best of all is its top coat consistency in a water-based design that can be worn over a lipstick or on its own.


Doe Deere is keeping Lime Crime makeup and hair ahead of the competition. This is what women demand.