Arthur Becker is a Shrewd Investor

Arthur Becker is a tough competitor when it comes to investments. He is a no-nonsense man who grabs the bulls by the horns, including recent real estate investments. Becker purchased three townhomes in Soho, located on Sullivan Street. With his shrewd business practices, he was able to exchange his investment in condominiums on the same street for the townhomes.


The investment of 30, 40 and 50 Sullivan Street provides a promising business venture considering his decision to rent two of the units. While Becker reports that he will set up his abode in one of the townhomes, the other two are slated for rental. He chose to live in the home with the smallest yard space because that will allow him to rent at a higher price, giving him a higher windfall each month.


Becker currently serves as a managing director of Madison Partners. This firm deals in real estate and biotech investments. His long career in positions at other companies has helped gear him up for his current job. He first worked at NaviSite, a company that works with internet technology, colocation and hosts servers around the world. When NaviSite was sold, Becker moved on to Zinio, one of the most successful online magazine companies in the world. He served as president and CEO of the company from 2002 to 2010.


He spent his younger years building his admirable work ethics. Becker earned money through the summers of his youth by mowing the grass at a small park in the town he grew up in. He relates in an interview that the parks were fraught with steep hills, rocks and interminably hot summer days. This type of physical labor is a testament to the importance he places on earning his keep while providing high standards of completed projects.


Becker attended school at Tuck’s School of Business in Dartmouth, where he learned all the skills he needed to become successful in his career. He is driven by the idea that hard work would lead, to not only his own success, but also the success of others. Becker wants to leave the world better than he found it. He has been very effective in bringing that dream to fruition.

Arthur Becker Managing Cash Flow in Real Estate

Real estate is a competitive industry right now that many people are trying to break into. As prices across the country continue to go up from high demand, some people are starting to jump into the investing game. If you want to take that route, you need to make sure you are thinking about the long term consequences of your investing decisions. Many people today are excited to become investors, but they truly do not understand all of the different variables involved in that equation. Over time, this can lead to making bad decisions as a real estate investor.


Arthur Becker


When Arthur Becker started in business, he had to overcome many challenges to get where he is today. However, he is now a leading investor within the industry, and he helps a lot of people with real estate advice in a number of areas. Although he invests in things other than real estate, he has a track record of helping people in a number of areas in various other ways as well. If you want to own a business that is going to last over the long term, you need to make sure you are trying to drive value in any way that you can. A lot of people today learn the hard way about managing cash flow in real estate. Although it seems like a fun way to make extra money, real estate can be tough at times.


Final Thoughts


Over time, investing in real estate is going to require a lot of focus and capital. If you want to start investing for the future. You need to make sure you are thinking about various ways to help others out. Arthur Becker has done so well because he understands both the financial and the people side of investing. Few people today are able to handle all that he can in juggling his various responsibilities. In the years ahead, many people are excited about what is going to transpire in the real estate market. With all of the changes that are coming, Arthur Becker is the type of person to learn from.


Handling A Sense Of Self Worth With Whitney Wolfe

One thing that can be said about dating is that it often takes a toll on one’s own self worth if things don’t go the way they want it to. After all, dating can be either helpful or harmful for both the man and the woman. A lot of people have come to understand and identify with the frustrations that come with dating. This is one of the reasons that they have brought forth alternatives such as online dating. With online dating, people will have a better chance at meeting someone in some cases. However, many dating sites and apps show a one-sided deal with dating with the women getting tons of messages with all but the top crop of men getting any type of message at all.

Whitney Wolfe has seen this type of phenomenon and has thought about ways in which she could change that. Fortunately, Whitney Wolfe has come up with something that is very effective in bringing forth the needed changes so that not only can men have a better shot at finding a date, but women will be able to avert the pressure that is put into finding a date. This proposal to solve this issue has resulted in Bumble.

Read Whitney Wolfe’s Interview with Austin Culture Map for more information.

Whitney Wolfe has not only created the app, but she has also founded the company. Therefore, she knows what she wants to do in order to market the app. When it comes to the marketing, she has decided that she wants to highlight some of the features and show people how to use the app so that they will be able to get the most out of their account. When men set up their account, all they can do is sit and wait. They just have to make sure that they have taken a good picture so that women will respond when they see them.


The Successful and Visionary Sam Boraie

There is a company called Boraie Development LLC which specializes in offering a broad range of services concerning urban real estate industry. The hard working team is led by a talented entrepreneur and philanthropist, Sam Boraie who is the vice-president. The team ensures that they give customers the best services. They have a goal of building properties that are outstanding and unique.

Sam Boraie is someone who is visionary and a successful businessman and also takes part in philanthropic activities. He is well-known in New Brunswick community of New Jersey because of his undertakings. Boraie Development LLC is a company that deals with the development of real estate, management of property and marketing. According to Bloomberg, the company works with different professionals such as architects and contractors who are qualified.

Development of Real Estate

Boraie Development company is regarded as accompany that deals with real estate. The services that they offer cover are the urban housing sectors which include Development, property management and sales and marketing. It is a firm that is located in New Brunswick, but it provides the services to other areas such as Newark as well as Atlantic City.

It is a reputable company that has over thirty years of experience in development, and it is now the most sought by developers in New Jersey. They have a mission and a goal of coming up with projects that are unique to the residents, commercial partners and tenants.

New Brunswick Boraie Development

Boraie is now almost completing a project in New Brunswick. He is working on a residential Complex that is of high luxury and is located in the heart of the city which is known as the Aspire. He says that he had such visions for New Brunswick almost ten years ago. The building is the tallest in New Brunswick and has twenty-five stories. It has other unique features such as 40,000 square feet office spaces, 10,000 square feet retail space and 121 units for residential purposes.

Management of Property

Asset management is another important part of Boraie Development LLC. It is a section that makes the company be able to create value for their assets with time. The properties have unique details, and they always ensure that they improve their physical appearance. The company takes part in areas such as leasing, maintenance of assets, marketing, accounting and customer service.

The Sales Division has integrated Property Management with Property Management through Boraie Realty subsidiary. It is to help in better understanding of factors that contribute to local sales regarding residential and commercial sales.

Boraie Philanthropic undertakings

Boraie is a respected personality in his community and the rest of the world. He takes part in charitable endeavors. He is active in supporting the historic State Theater in New Brunswick by ensuring that the education and artistic programs of the theater get sustained. He is also a trustee on the Board of Trustees for the State Theater,NJ. Boraie is giving a helping hand to Elijah’s Promise Advisory Board. He is helping in the mission of providing those hungry with food and food service training. Sam is someone who is helpful in the society, and many people have appreciated his work.



Whitney Wolfe Puts Single Females In The Driver’s Seat

The majority of people that are looking for a chance to find someone online are probably looking for someone through Match or eHarmony. Whitney Wolfe is set to change that. She is showing people that there is a lot more to the dating app world than this. She has shown people that dating apps come in more than one flavor.

Bumble is what Whitney Wolfe is offering as CEO, and it appears that she has stumbled on to something good. Users of this app are thrilled by the way that this app allows women to take charge of the dating process. It is new, exciting and very different than anything that people may be used to.

People like the novelty of it. That is the great thing about an app such as this. So one could expect an experience where the women have 24 hours to respond. This is thrilling, and Whitney Wolfe knew that this would be the thing that would attract people that were tired of the usual dating mishaps with apps.

Bumble is the type of app that brings more people together in a shorter time frame. There is not a lot of time wasted on trying to figure out who may actually be interested in you. This is something that serves a lot of people well. Most people just do not have the time to put into trying to pursue someone that is not interested. They want to spend more time on the people that are interested in them. Whitney Wolfe has brought forth the app that lets people concentrate on the ones that are going to be a better match. Lots of other dating apps are on auto pilot. Whitney Wolfe, however, has chosen to create an app that puts women in the driver’s seat with dating.

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