Michael Zomber- History Buff, Samurai Expert and Novelist

Michael Zomber, avid collector of antique arms and armor has been doing this for more than 40 years. He was invited to share what he knows with the History Channel in a series called, “Tales of the Gun.” Subseries included “Guns of the Famous” as well as “Million Dollar Guns.”

He also spends a good amount of time collecting other items such as Japanese samurai swords. He is known to those who know him as being a storyteller and has even written a few books. He has credits for being a screenwriter as well as being a novelist. One of his works of art was “Shogun Iemitsu.” He recently worked on a non-fiction piece of work known as “Jesus and the Samurai.” All of these items are actually available to be purchased in a hard copy form.

His wife was produced a piece of his work, “Soul of the Samurai” by their own proprietary company, Renascent Films LLC. If you are someone who want’s to learn more about Japanese Samurai, his book titled, “Shogun Iemitsu War” tells not only a tale about the young Samurai but also gives pages of terms in reference to the Japanese swords. This is a good book for someone to read who is just starting out at learning what the swords are about and how history tells of their tales. The two work hard to use their production company to spread awareness of Michael’s knowledge.

Michael Zomber works hard to ensure that he keeps his hand involved in non-profit organizations such as UNICEF, Doctors without Borders as well as the Global Exchange. He has focused much of his time on acknowledging what comes with armed conflict and therefore spends his time advocating for those who are in areas of intense war type scenerios.

Michael Zomber and his wife have 2 children, Christopher and Gabriella. They live just outside of Philadelphia in a small suburb. He was born in Washington D.C. and went to school to earn his bachelor’s degree in English Lit as well as graduating with honors. He also earned his master’s degree in English Lit from UCLA.

How Economic Policy Might Change This Election


The Hottest Election Yet

The 2016 election has taken the media by storm. The heated contest between Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump has generated more interest in this election than almost any election before. Although rhetoric and vitriol have taken up headlines the policy differences, especially on economic matters, will take center stage after November 8th. Brad Reifler, one of America’s top investors, believes this election will shape the economy of America for years to come. Both candidates promise to make massive changes to our tax system that will change the way America does business.



The Certainty Of Taxes

A key area of differences between the two candidates is on taxes. Hillary Clinton wants to create a more progressive tax plan centered around increasing the tax rates of the wealthiest Americans while Donald Trump wants to cut taxes and simplify the tax brackets. While the tax plans of both candidates are filled with changes there is a stark contrast in one particular area estate taxes.


Hillary Clinton wants to keep the estate tax but Trump wants to do away with it altogether. Instead of an estate tax he would increase the capital gains tax and offset it with subsidies for small businesses. There is one issues both candidates agree on. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump both support tax breaks for child care.



How Brad Reifler Came To His Conclusion

The election is bringing lots of interesting minds into politics but Reifler is an exceptional case. As one of the world’s leading entrepreneur he knows just how the President can change our economy. Hence why the media is reaching out to Brad Reifler for expert commentary.


Brad Reifler’s conclusions about the future of the American economy come from his own expertise. He has spent years working in the finance industry and has a strong understanding of how major events will shape financial markets. It isn’t surprising that he has decided to examine the current election and reached this particular conclusion.  Find Brad on Twitter, or read about his predictions on what Brexit means for Forex markets on Investing.com.

Why WEN by Chaz is Revolutionizing Hair care

The Haircare Industry is a billion dollar industry and there are hundreds if not thousands of products on the market today. With so many products available, finding the one that fits you best can be frustrating. A woman’s hair is her pride and joy or even her treasure, so taking good care of your hairs health is numero uno is you want to maintain those beautiful locks of hair.

Weather plays a key role in how a person’s hair looks or feels. If you live in the Southeastern United States, the dense humidity will literally make your hair stand up all while becoming more fragile. Products also play a huge role with your hair and the best thing for most people to do is to use a gentle shampoo product. Your scalp can be sensitive so respect it’s pH Balance and try not to wash your locks more than three times per week. Any more and you’ll end up stripping the scalp and follicles of moisture.

If you’re looking to give your hair the health it deserves, Wen hair care products is the best route to go. WEN uses an assortment of natural ingredients such as Wild Cherry Bark, Rosemary Extract, Glycerin, Panthenol, and Chamomile Extract which leaves the hair clean and refreshed. These are high quality ingredients unlike other brands which are watered down. QVC advertises WEN products naturally gives you shine and added moisture. Founder Chaz Dean has been in the business for years and is a popular celebrity stylist. His approach to great haircare isn’t to cover-up the problem, but rather aid the hair for further growth. This holistic method is what his brand is all about and the success of these products are a testament to his work. Chaz Dean is revolutionizing the game one head at a time. Visit the brand’s Wikipedia page to know it better.

The Relevance of Setting up a Wikipedia Page for Your Business

Marketing is one of the most important aspects of any business. With millions of online users accessing the Internet every day, online marketing is by far one of the most effective marketing strategies available to companies and individuals. Many marketers implement Wikipedia into their marketing mix because they realize the benefits of having a Wikipedia page. Today, Wikipedia is one of the most visited sites in the world and ranks number six in the U.S.’s most visited websites list. Many people rely on Wikipedia for reliable and productive information; therefore, it is considered by many to be the hallmark of credibility and notability.

Creating and Monitoring Your Wikipedia Content

Your business must be notable and have wide coverage to create your Wikipedia page. Significant coverage does not include brief mentions, simple back-links or quotes. Rather, it must come from a reliable and independent source and be 100 percent dedicated to your business or personality. To prevent your Wikipedia Page from being removed, it is important to understand how to create good content. Therefore, it is advisable to outsource a Wikipedia content creation company such as Get Your Wiki to not only create but also monitor your page. This ensures that your content is relevant and meets all Wikipedia requirements.

Monitoring your business’ Wikipedia page is equally as important as creating your content. Anybody can edit the content on Wikipedia provided that they are well informed on the subject. This means that anybody can edit your Wikipedia page with either positive or malicious material that can hurt your business. Wikipedia editors who work for companies like Get Your Wiki have vast experience in managing the content and back-links used on your page to ensure that it positively matches your marketing strategy. By outsourcing these services, you do not have to check your Wikipedia page on a daily basis to make sure that it is updated and relevant to your business. Additionally, Get your Wiki utilizes other Wikipedia-related sites such as Wikidata and Wikimedia Commons.

Get Your Wiki

Get Your Wiki experts help businesses, individuals, corporations, non-profits, and other entities to set up and monitor their Wikipedia content. Every editor at the company is well-versed with all the rules and regulations required by Wikipedia when creating content on its website. Today, a Wikipedia page is a useful digital asset to your business or brand. It is a popular site for not only advertising your company but also telling your history.

Securus Technologies’ Response to GTL’s Misleading Press Release

Securus Technologies


Securus Technologies leads in the provision of technical solutions to civil and criminal justice in correction facilities. On September 14th, 2015, Global Tel Link (GTL) issued a misleading and inaccurate press release about Securus Technologies. In turn, Securus Technologies has issued a press release correcting GTL’s misleading statement. Located in Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies attends to over 3,000 law enforcement agencies and over one million inmates throughout North America. Leveraging its vast experience in the industry, Securus Technologies provides biometric analysis, emergency response, and inmates’ self-service products and services across the US.


According to Securus Technologies’ CEO, Richard Smith, GTL has mischaracterized the recent Patent trial. He added that GTL attempted to suggest that Securus Technologies has an inferior technology and a less patent portfolio versus them, claims that are untrue. Richard said that GTL would not accept Securus’ technology challenge because their technology would probably prevail. Stay up to date with Securus on Linkedin.com.


Securus Technologies files the patent for the same reason as GTL. As such, Securus Technologies have spent over $800 million in developing proprietary technology. Over the years, Securus Technologies’ holds an excellent reputation in developing software and products used in correction facilities and law enforcement agencies. Securus Technologies protects its patent portfolio with the US Patents, which is approved by the US Patent Office. Therefore, it is incredulous for GTL to claim that Securus Technologies should not protect its work.


Smith pointed out that GTL has a history of issuing factually accurate patent-related statements. As such, it is not surprising that GTL’s press release about Securus Technologies is inaccurate and misleading. In fact, GTL is known for giving misleading and incorrect information. Over the past ten years, GTL signed an agreement with Securus to use their patent, and suddenly they are now disregarding it. Therefore, Securus Technologies’ customers should count on the global-scale services provider as it commits to developing and implementing reliable solutions to solve specific customers’ problems.


Kate Hudson Discusses Fabletics

Kate Hudson started Fabletics 3 years ago and did an interview with Marie Claire discussing building her empire while under a microscope. She mentioned they had experienced great success extremely fast and because of that, they had to catch up. She also said as the company grew it also became more challenging. Kate said that it’s one thing to try to be on top of everything as a regular founder of a company on poshmark.com, but when you’re a celebrity everything you do is under a microscope.

Kate wanted Fabletics to have active wear that was all inclusive. She wanted it to be for everybody and work to their particular way of working out. Whether it was a person that was a hard core trainer or someone that would take an occasional jog, she wanted to accommodate everyone. Due to many requests, they are also planning on extending their sizes.

Kate said one of the most important things about having a successful company is having a fantastic team. She said you’re as strong as the team you have created. The people that help you run the company and support you are key.

Read more: @fabletics

Flabletics is an online subscription athletic wear store that caters to each individual’s lifestyle and fashion preferences. It was founded by Adam Goldenberg, Don Ressler and Kate Hudson in July 2013. They actually launched the business on October 1, 2013. It originally started out with only women’s clothing, but in June 2015 they launched FL2 which was their new men’s line. This line was introduced by Kate Hudson’s brother Oliver Hudson. In March of 2016 they added dresses and swimsuits to their products.

In addition to the online store on mysubscriptionaddiction.com, there were regular retail stores in several locations. They started out in malls in several locations. They have locations in New Jersey, Cincinnati, Newark, St. Louis, and Woodland Hills.

Learn more about Fabletics: https://www.pinterest.com/fabletics/

Clay Siegall: Changing The Course Of Cancer Treatment

Seattle Genetics

Genetics plays a crucial purpose in every person’s existence. Seattle Genetics is a new enterprise that’s been making an effort to make things better in the biotech field. Seattle Genetics is a biotechnology company that evolves and commercializes monoclonal antibody-based therapies to take care of cancer and other acute health issues. It is a company that is located in the Canyon Park area of Bothell Washington and they concentrate mainly on the research and medicines for cancer remedies.

They have created an Antibody-Drug Conjugates that looks for a way to exclusively target cancer cells. Seattle Genetics has recently reported that they are intending to increase its stock offering from $480 million to $552 million. The company will probably be featuring its over-allotment option to offer $552 million shares in its stock offering. They plan to use the proceeds to produce a public offering so that they can successfully grow the firm, improve Adcetris, and provide the drug pipeline for the people who are in need. Seattle Genetics was created a number of years ago by Clay Siegall, an outstanding scientist that sought to make a massive difference in the world. Siegall with his fantastic workforce continue to design quite a few effective and powerful therapies, and they’re just beginning to get into the industry.

Clay Siegall

Clay Siegall has a Zoology degree from the University of Maryland and a Ph.D. in Genetics from the George Washington University. In 1998, he became the founder and CEO of Seattle Genetics. Clay is very passionate about addressing the unmet health-related requirements in the field of oncology and has managed Seattle’s capital raising endeavors acquiring over $675 million which is causing a massive interest from investors as the numbers increase.

The company puts Seattle on the map and underlines it as a center for cancer research. With the organization currently having close to 800 staff members on their payroll, the more substantial number of the new employees will serve in operations as opposed to research. Though Seattle Genetics has yet to see an income for their business, despite 18 years of productive operations, Clay Siegall doesn’t consider this to be an unfavorable fact but an extreme positive instead. Cancer might have started out winning the fight, but Seattle Genetics will finish it.