Dynamics Search Partner Start New Business Focused Scholarship For High School Students

Keith Mann, CEO of Dynamics Search Partners, announced the arrival of the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement available for high school seniors. The newly debuted award acknowledges the achievements of innovative young adults who show high talent in the field of business. The Keith and Keely Mann scholarship has partnered a non-profit charter organization called Uncommon Schools based in New York City. The scholarship will be offered to one high school student from Uncommon Schools in Brooklyn every year before graduation, but all graduating students can apply for the scholarship. The application process only requires students to write a 1,000 word essay explaining why a college degree will help them excel in the professional world after graduation.

Keith Mann has had fifteen years of successful experience in the world of business and has always been an outspoken advocate for the importance of education. In 2002 Mann launched the Alternative Investment Practice within Dynamics Executive Search to help create options for the under served portions in the hedge fund industry. Keith Mann got his start at Dynamics Associates and became the Manager of the Alternative Investment Division where he was in charge of alternative investment options. He spent the better part of fifteen years climbing the ladder and eventually became managing director of the entire company, and eventually conquered the title of Senior Vice President.

Dynamics Search Partners solely focuses on alternative investment firms and helps them find, hire, staff, and manage their firms. Mann’s company helps build and manage alternative investment options in the United States, Asia, and Europe.

Source: http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20160125006525/en/Keith-Mann-Announces-2016-Scholarship-Professional-Achievement

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The Remarkable Career Life of James Dondero

Highland Capital Management (HCM) is an investment management company, which is based in Dallas, Texas and is registered with the Securities Exchange Commission. The firm has branches in New York, Singapore, Seoul and Sao Paulo. It is among the largest and most knowledgeable credit management firms in the world. The company’s area of expertise is credit strategies such as collateralized loan obligations (CLOs), long-only and discrete accounts, credit hedge funds, distressed and exceptional circumstances private equity. Alternative investments are also provided by the firm, and they include long or short equities, natural resources, and developing markets. Highland Capital Management has a broad range of clients, which include individuals with a high net worth, financial institutions, governments, public pension policies, endowments, foundations, and corporations.

Highland was founded by James Dondero and Mark Okada in 1993. Mr. Dondero is the current President of the company, and his office is based at the headquarters in Dallas, Texas. He has worked in the credit and equity markets for more than 30 years in which, he has gained exceptional experience in the high-yield and distressed investing. He has helped Highland Capital Management to be a leader in the growth of the Collateralized Loan Obligation market and the creation of credit based solutions for organizational and retail shareholders across the world. His company has award winning product contributions such as the hedge fund, private equity funds, CLOs, mutual funds, institutional separate accounts, ETFs, and REITs.

Dondero also serves in other organizations apart from Highland Capital Management. He the current Chairperson of Nexbank, Cornerstone Healthcare, and CCS Medical, and sits on the boards of MGM Studios and American Banknote. James also participates in philanthropy, whereby, he supports education initiatives, public policy, and veterans’ affairs. Before founding Highland Capital, he was the Chief Investment Officer of Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary from 1989 to 1993, and he helped in building it from startup capital to a worth of over 2 billion dollars. Mr. Dondero worked for the American Express between 1985 and 1989 as a Corporate Bond Analyst and later became its Portfolio Manager.

James studied at the University of Virginia, where he was awarded a Beta Gamma Sigma, Beta Alpha Psi, which is the highest honors. He later joined the McIntire School of Commerce and graduated with two majors in Finance and Accounting. Mr. Dondero is a holder of the Chartered Financial Analyst and Certified Management Accountant designations.

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Minimum Wage To Go Up 30% in Venezuela

Seems like a Socialist paradise. The Venezuelan President, Nicolas Maduro, just mandated a 30% increase in the minimum wage as ABC News report. And it’s another hike since March when the wages increased by 25%.
But Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa thinks, it’s not as good as it looks. The inflation rate in Venezuela is expected to reach 700% this year, so the hikes may not even keep up with it.

The new minimum wage will be about 15,000 bolivars a month, which is, at the official exchange rate, $1,500. But, at the black market rate, a meager $50. That’s similar to wages seen in the poorest African nations, despite the fact that Venezuela has one of the world’s largest reserves of oil.

During the economic boom the revenues, coming from then high oil prices, weren’t saved or invested wisely. Instead, the government spent the oil riches on populist social facebook programs.

Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions Helps Protects Against Damages

In a legal environment that is in constant flux, with consequences that seem increasingly stringent financially every day, it really isn’t the wisest choice to jump in the housing waters uninformed. The popular saying is “you don’t know what you don’t know”. Going through a financial advisory organization flavored with experience is one of the likeliest ways to save money and ensure supplemental income strategies end up making money and not becoming an unprofitable exercise.

On the Wealth Solutions blog, a recent post brought to light some issues regarding supplemental income strategy that are really worth considering in the modern market. Currently there is a digital service called Airbnb.  From bed and breakfast options to long-term leasing, Airbnb is making it easier for private individuals to supplement their income with existing property and defray some of the exceptional expenses silhouetting today’s society.

There are a number of legal considerations to take into account when you’re subletting a property. Firstly, there are zoning ordinances in many areas which may or may not limit your ability to absorb tenants. Say you’ve kept a room in peak condition for years, but a piece of wood with a screw holding a light fixture has rotted from a hidden leak no one could detect. Now say, hypothetically, this light fixture comes loose at just the wrong time and knocks the property’s tenant unconscious. Should legal action be taken, without some form of insurance the landlord in that scenario may very well be culpable for the damages the tenant sustained.

That’s one of the reasons Richard Blair founded Wealth Solutions, and acts in capacity as its executive today. Wealth Solutions, Inc. is an investment advisory firm whose sole owner is Richard Blair. Mr. Blair has subjected himself to the scrutiny of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, as well as the Financial Industry Regulations Agency (FINRA). It’s Blair’s prerogative to not only aide in the proper advisement of property subletting, but to do so in an accredited, official capacity.

Mr. Blair has been properly registered and practicing his financial advisory for twenty-two years, and can help you customize financial strategies including retirement packages, wealth-preservation, and the completion of personal financial goals.