Atlantic City Gambles with Hotel Development


Atlantic City has become a mecca for conferences and gamblers who wanted something closer to the New York City Area for their gaming pleasures. The economic collapse of the American economy which began in 2007 had a severe impact on those things Americans did for fun. In Atlantic City the Heldrich Hotel and Conference Center was initially developed by a group calling themselves the New Brunswick Development Corporation, the corporation was originated as a non-profit and received funding for the development beginning in 2007. The times could not have been worse for development as the economy was entering the first stage of the slowdown that made for the worse economic recession since the 1920s.

While some of the loans for this development have been paid, others are not and holders of the loans have been assured that the outstanding loans will be repaid.

But the facts are that the Middlesex County Improvement Authority failed to meet a payment obligation last month, and they remain in arrears and have been for five years, accumulating $7 million in missed payments.

An attorney for the project pledged that the moneys would be repaid and hailed the project as an employment opportunity for 235 union workers. He added that the development site was in a very bad neighborhood and the presence of the hotel beautifies the once blighted area.

In December, Gov. Chris Christie signed into law a bill stopping state agencies from giving loans, grants and subsidies to businesses, including nonprofits, that have ever defaulted on repayment to any state-issued loans or bonds

The Heldrich does pay $1.2 million in real estate taxes annually as well as employing the 235 hotel and grounds workers



Kyle Bass Keeps Very Bad Company

The world fell in love with Kyle Bass when he correctly predicted the financial crises of 2008. And for a while there, people viewed him as a wonderful man that could do no harm.

As time went on however, those sentiments started to change as people started to see Bass for who and what he really was.

It all started with Bass taking every opportunity he could to get on TV and share his so called analysis with the world. When in reality, all Bass was doing was sharing advice that would help him continue to pad his pockets.

And if that wasn’t enough, the company Bass was keeping was very unsavory. His relationship with Argentinian despot Cristina Fernández de Kirchner had people questioning what this man was really all about. While most people would agree Kirchner is the absolute worst thing to ever happen to the Argentinian economy, Useful Stooges had an article,, that Bass just can’t seem to stop singing her praises.

Over the last thirteen years Argentina has defaulted on its sovereign debt two times. This type of situation is indefensible and it shows Kirchner does not know what she is doing. Even still, Bass stood by her side and defended these actions.

The New York Post said he sounded so out of touch in his defense of her that he sounded more like Axel Kicillof, Argentina’s leftist economy minister, rather than a hedge fund manager from the United States.

To many Bass comes off as nothing more than one of Kirchner’s lackeys. He will do and say anything she wants him to.

Kirchner is known for having irresponsible economic policies and ripping off her own people.

But it gets even worse. When New York Judge Thomas Griesa ruled Argentina must pay back all of its creditors, and not just the ones who agreed to settle, Bass had the nerve to call some of the creditors immoral and blamed them for holding up the progress of 42 million people.

The truth is, the only person holding up progress in Argentina is Kirchner and her inability to come up with sound economic policies.

So the million dollar question is, why would Bass form such a tight bond with a person such as Kirchner? Based on what we know about Bass, its safe to say its all about the money.

Working with Martin Lustgarten in Investment Banking

Investment banking is an industry known for its long nights and hard work. After a period of several years, many people burn out and go onto the next thing. However, Martin Lustgarten has always found a home in this industry. His life shows that he is ready to take on the next challenge awaiting him. Investment banking is an industry that requires a person have both head knowledge and the ability to relate to other people. The good news for Martin is the fact that he has been doing this his entire life.

Early Career

Even in his early career, it was obvious that Martin Lustgarten wanted to succeed at a high level. There are few people who can work in investment banking for as long as he has with success. However, his work ethic is something that many people would love to have. With an early start in business, he knew that he eventually wanted to transfer over into investment banking. There are a lot of reasons for this, but Martin Lustgarten always wanted to succeed at a high level in the industry. There are many ways in which he has been able to do this in the competitive world of investment banking. This is important to learn for people who are wanting to understand the industry as a whole.

Investment Banking Challenges

There are a lot of challenges in the world of investment banking. Not only do people have to work with you on various projects, but there is a high demand for excellence. Investors pay their advisers for good advice, and when things do not work out it is not a good thing. There are some people who get into the industry simply to make a lot of money. Although it is true that the work is lucrative, many people soon find out that they would rather have a better quality of life than work in this industry. However, Martin has found a nice niche in this marketplace in order to succeed.

Future Options

In investment banking, your work is your life. Martin Lustgareten is able to succeed at such a high level in this industry simply because he knows what it takes in order to build up a career and a business.

Science Student Reacts to Trolling With Positive Action

Don’t get mad, get even. That’s common advice for dealing with trolls, stalkers and other enemies, and it’s even more significant when someone gets “even” not by revenge, but by advancing their positive cause. That’s how Emily Temple-Wood, a biology student at Loyola University, responds to the abuse she receives online. Whenever someone sends her a message of hate, she puts up a Wikipedia page for a previously neglected female scientist. She’s been a Wikipedia editor since the age of 12, and even then often received messages of hate, sexism and sexual harassment. Sadly, most of them came from the Wikipedia community. She started out just ignoring the hateful trolls, but in 2012 decided to react. She doesn’t directly argue with them, she just adds another woman scientist to Wikipedia. She keeps her energy positive. Her idea, now known as WikiProject Women Scientists.

She came up with the idea because she realized many women scientists who were fellows of the Royal Society had no Wikipedia pages. In 18 months she and others working on the project put up pages on a thousand women scientists. Temple-Wood is from Chicago, and is the Vice-President of Wikimedia DC. She became a Wikipedia admin at the age of 13. She also ran a series of workshops regarding editor retention, and from the workshops produced a kit so other editors can follow her example to bolster the presence of women in areas they are passionate about.  About 90 percent of Wiki editors are now male. 

This example demonstrates both how valuable Wikipedia is, and yet how people in general cannot count on the current editors to set priorities and create the pages for everybody who deserves to have a Wikipedia page, and that’s true whether it’s women scientists or you and your business. Everybody doing something significant in the world deserves to make a Wikipedia page, and that does include you and your business. And having a Wikipedia page would help your business. When people search for you or your business on Google to check out your online reputation, finding Wikipedia impresses them. However, you need to hire Wikipedia editors and/or writers to make certain your entry is accepted. It cannot contain hype. It must remain verfiably factual. You need the Wiki experts for hire from Get Your Wiki – a Wikipedia editing serviceto make certain your Wikipedia business page creation follows all official policies.

Talk Fusion Puts Video Email On The Front Burner

Video email probably sounds like an improbable thing because of the way people are used to working. They type up emails that are sent to their colleagues, and someone replies with text. Video emails takes the text out of emailing, and it is combined with video conferencing by Talk Fusion. The company was started by Bob Reina to give businesses a better way to communicate, and people who do not like writing emails can use the video options from Talk Fusion instead.

Bob Reina is the kind of guy who does not enjoy writing emails, and he chose to create a program that would allow people to make their own video emails to send to colleagues. There are too many people in the business world today who waste time trying to create emails that will make sense, and the writing never turns out the way it should.

The whole production can be cut down to a few seconds when someone records a video email on their webcam. The webcam will turn on when people are composing in Talk Fusion, and the video is saved by the software. Talk Fusion will send the email to anyone on the distribution list, and the video can be watched immediately on the other end. Two people can have a video conversation that makes more sense in the long run, and the video is much easier to share. Listening to someone explain their ideas is always easier than seeing it in writing.

Talk Fusion works just like regular email, but it also allows people to start a video conference where they talk in real time. Anyone with a webcam can use Talk Fusion, and it is easy to learn.

Bob Reina created something that anyone can use, and the program helps people share their ideas. A video can be made in seconds on Talk Fusion, and it sends just like regular email. Anyone who tires of typing long emails can use their Talk Fusion software to explain their emails in video form.

The Successful Career of Sam Tabar

In the recent past, Sam Tabar revealed his investment tips with the intent of helping newcomers enhance their net worth. The capital strategist cautioned people from engaging in commodity trading, as they are more risky. According to Tabar, commodity markets are volatile compared to stock markets. To this end, the Columbia Law School, as Bloomberg identifies, graduate attorney urges investors to perform due diligence before making any investments in commodities.

Research is necessitated for an investor to realize capital gains in commodity trading. In addition, Tabar posits on Twitter that commodity investors should have financial muscles to absorb short-term losses in the market. Tabar encourages investors to shift their focus from traditional stock markets and concentrate on private business. Investors should also ensure that they diversify their portfolio in order to spread risk. Tabar reiterated that the best time to invest is now.

Tabar is an outstanding attorney and capital strategist. After his graduation, he was recruited at the Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP as an associate. At the firm, Tabar’s mandate was to counsel clients on the formation of hedge funds, drafting of management agreements as well as advising on regulatory and compliance concerns. In 2004, SPARX Group Company/ PMA investment Advisors sought for his services. At the firm, Tabar rose quickly through the ranks to become the managing director.

The Bank of America Merrill Lynch recruited Tabar to be the director of capital strategy in charge of the Asia-Pacific Region. In September 2013, Tabar joined Schulte Roth and Zabel LLP as a senior associate. He was responsible for hedge funds, formation and structure of funds besides regulatory and compliance issues. A year later, Tabar left the firm.

Tabar is a successful social entrepreneur. He asserts that investments in the social startups are a means through which one can make money while helping other people. Tabar invested in THINX, manufacturer of women’s undergarment. The concept behind THINX saw Tabar invest in the firm. THINX donates sanitary cloths to AFRIpad for every pair of undergarment bought.

Sam Tabar has been raising funds through the go fund me platform in a bid to help the people living in Africa. The funds are channeled to the different countries through the Africa Wellness Initiative (AWI). AWI uses the funds to cater for the medication of the children living with HIV/AIDs and other diseases. AWI works in remote locations of Southern Africa.  Right now Sam has also taken on a new job, with his appointment at FullCycle Energy Fund.

Yeonmi Park and her escape


Yeonmi Park escaped repressive North Korea and she has become an advocate for human rights, speaking around the world about her life in the hermit kingdom and about her escape. Yeonmi Park has published a book on Amazon called “In Order To Live,” In which she also tells her story in detail.

At the age of 13, in 2007, Park and her mother escaped North Korea by crossing a frozen over river and getting into China. They managed to find someone to sneak them across without guards seeing them. They walked across the Gobi Desert and to Mongolia. It took a couple of years for her to reach South Korea, and then onward to the West.

Her story on The Reason Tv has been told dozens of times, and it is moving to hear the young beautiful Korean tell her story. Of course North Korea objects to her story and has released a Youtube video aimed at discrediting her and her parents. Some have questioned the details of her story, but she says part of that is language difficulties, and she changed some details to protect friends and family still in North Korea.

While in China her mother prevented Yeonmi from being raped by offering herself instead. Yeonmi Park said on a Daily Mail interview later she was raped and she and her mother were sold into human trafficking. The man who bought her told her he would bring her mother back to her, and help get her father to China, so she agreed. Her father did join them in China, but died soon after due to cancer.

What is most interesting perhaps in the young attractive Korean’s stories about life in North Korea. They are taught to hate the West, especially Americans.



OrganoGold Taps in the Coffee Manufacturing Industry

Statistically, coffee is ranked the top most consumed beverage worldwide. Additionally, the beverage is said to command a big share of the international market, being the second traded commodity worldwide. Owing to this reason, investing in the manufacturing of coffee products is the best business venture for you. In fact, about one billion people consume coffee daily.

OrganoGold is an international venture, which has taken the opportunity to invest in the production of coffee and its products. Its mission is to impact comprehensive knowledge and skills on Ganoderma to people around the world. The conglomerate has the vision to assist people globally, on how to improve their living standard, welfare, success, and equality by use of its products and available opportunities.

Bernardo Chua, the Founder, and Chief Executive Officer OrganoGold

Bernardo Chua is a successful businessman from the Philippines. For decades, Chua has been working in the health and welfare sector. During his career, he worked together with one of his mentor Leow Soon Seng to inaugurate the Gano Excel Philippines in 1999. In a period of three years, Facebook shows Chua worked tirelessly in the company where his efforts and commitment saw the expansion of the company to US, Hong Kong and Canada. Due to his commitment and dictation towards the company’s success, he was given the title “The president of Gano Excel USA in the year 2003.” In 2008, Bernardo Chua founded OrganoGold Company, a company, which deals in coffee manufacturing. He is the current CEO of the company. Through his leaders, the company is now operating in international levels with its market in over 38 countries.

The company started its operation in 2008. Coffee is among the major products, which the company produces. However, the Conglomerate also produce other products such as hot chocolate, Ganoderma infused green tea and enhancements. OrganoGold products are only procured via the conglomerate’s suppliers, creating revenue for those dealers who do network marketing internationally.

Following the production of naturally healthy coffee, OrganoGold is the only company, which was given honor by the Napoleon Hill Foundation. Since then, the company was conferred the right to incorporate Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee in its products. Also known as the Multi-level marketer, OrganoGold independent agents are in a position to make incomes via purchasing and selling the firm’s products.

Why OrganoGold Coffee is termed as a Healthy Coffee

Company’s coffee contains a herb known as Ganoderma. For over 4000 years, this herb has been used by the Chinese owing to its medicinal properties.