Ronald Fowlkes: Promoting Eagle Industries Unlimited

Eagle Industries Unlimited is a well-known manufacturer of tactical gears and devices that are mainly used for defense and war. The company has been exporting their products overseas, and many governments are putting their trust in the company because of their high-quality products, and the company aims to supply the whole world with their gears. The company is also known to choose the best person to work for their business, and since they focus on the production of military and tactical gears, they had to require that someone who would be serving them should have experience in serving the military. One of the most recent additions to their roster of managers is Ronald Fowlkes.



Ronald Fowlkes used to serve the military, and after he ended his service, he decided to join Eagle Industries Unlimited. He became a part of the company in 2008, and he presented his skills and knowledge in tactical combat, and it resulted to the board of directors to appoint him as the business development manager of the company. He was given the task to oversee the operations of Eagle Industries Unlimited, and he is effective in promoting the company’s products and services. Ronald Fowlkes is instrumental in the additional revenue that the company is making, because of his dedication and perseverance in taking the company to the top.



Aside from the usual task that has been awarded to Ronald Fowlkes, he is also active in visiting the production facilities that are manufacturing the tactical gears and other products of Eagle Unlimited Industries. He is showing the production facilities how the products are being used, and because of his extensive knowledge in using the devices and the products made for the military, the production plants have more information on how they can design the products which have the perfect quality. Ronald Fowlkes is delighted to share his knowledge about the tactical gears, and most of the employees who have seen how he presented the gears obtain additional knowledge.



When Ronald Fowlkes was still in the United States Military, he was sent to the Middle East. He would be fighting alongside the allied forces in the Gulf War, and because of his contribution to the United States military, he was named as a veteran and was given several awards. When the war in Iraq during the early 2000’s took place, he had to teach tactical defenses to those who are being sent to fight for the war. Ronald Fowlkes, on the other hand, was sent to Iraq to share his knowledge with the military, and when he returned to the United States, he decided to stay with his family and chose to live a comfortable life serving Eagle Unlimited Industries.



Rocketship Education’s Parents Using Their Voices!

Parents of a well performing charter school, Rocketship Education, have decided to take a stand and speak up and out on the issues that have been going on between charter schools of Nashville and the public school board for Nashville. Public schools in Nashville have never liked Charter schools in the city. The school board feels like charter schools are a big competition, because they provide a great quality of education to students, especially schools like Rocketship Education. Even though this trend of not caring for charter schools have been going on for a while, the school board took things a step further with the bluntness of their behavior.

The school board made a disturbing announcement that all charter schools of the city are unraveling. This statement was very unprofessional and to add insult to injury, he statement is also very false. Charter schools around Nashville and their students are actually excelling in the class room. Charter schools have even brought high test scores to neighborhoods which once had no hope of receiving a quality education.

Public Charter school chains like Rocketship Education only brings their schools to areas that are urban and impoverished. They have offered education to students in newer buildings with a high quality of technology as well. Rocketship Education has also taught their students about everyday life skills along with ethics and values. These students are very intelligent and the school has a very strong foundation. The teachers of the school also all have personal relationships with the parents of the students who attend the school. With this being said, parents of students who attend charter schools were very upset about this statement that was made.

The parents wrote a emotional strong letter to the school board and addressed it to the board’s director, Dr. Joseph. The letter was very appropriate and respectful. The letter simply asked that the school board stop disrespecting schools like Rocketship Education and other charter schools in the city as well. The letter also informed the school board that they should be united instead of trying to create a unhealthy relationship between the two.

Technological Advancement Within Cancer Care Thanks To Eric Lefkofsky and Tempus

According to the National Cancer Institute, about 40% of Americans deal with cancer at some point in their lifetime. In 2014, 14.5 million people were diagnosed with cancer, and by 2024 the number is estimated to rise to roughly 19 million. This means that the probability of knowing someone in your life that has cancer is very high.

This was the reality faced by Eric Lefkofsky, when his wife was diagnosed with cancer. While supporting her through her care, he noticed the large gaps in the technological care of cancer patients. That is where Tempus came in. Through this company, Eric and his cofounder discovered one way they could help was to develop a system to condense and streamline information on patients. The only way to get information on patients waz through doctor notes, which were kept in free text form with no way to locate specifics. Through their system, using natural language processing and optical character recognition capabilities, cancer patients critical information is now brought to the surface in a way that is comprehensible for doctors and researchers.

One main data Tempus is collecting is human genome sequencing. In 2003, this process was extremely expensive, $100 million and up. Today, however, this process can be done for $5,000 and is expected to be lowered even more thanks to Tempus.

Eric Lefkofsky was born in Michigan in 1969. He graduated University of Michigan in 1991, and then moved on to graduate the University of Michigan Law School with his Juris Degree two years later. Instead of practicing law, however, he became a leader of the dot-com revolution.

While born in Michigan, Eric has spent most of his life in Chicago where Tempus is headquartered. He co-founded Groupon, and now he serves the Lurie’s Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago, and the Art Institute of Chicago on tbe board of directors, as well as Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Chicago’s Steppenwolf Theatre Company.

Eric Lefkofsky and companies like Tempus are making leaps to cover the gaps in technological care of cancer patients, with goals of making the care more affordable and attainable to everyone.

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The Dallas-Based Investor James Dondero

James Dondero is currently the President and CEO of the Dallas-based Highland Capital Managers. He has spent over 30 years in the capital and equity markets space, and he has had plenty of experience helping his investors gain massive returns through innovative and new forms of investing. He has helped to grow Highland Capital Managers into a global player.

James Dondero started his rise to success when he joined the JP Morgan Guaranty Training program in 1983. This program was highly sought after by fund managers and investment personnel alike. After graduating from the program, Dondero accepted a bond analyst role with American express. There he managed a $1 billion fund and helped investors earn large returns. After a few years, he joined a subsidiary of Protective Life as the new Chief Investment Officer, again earning large returns and raising the value of his managed fund to over $2 billion. Wanting to help more investors earn more on low-cost investments, Dondero founded Highland Capital Management in 1993. Read more at Huffington Post about James Dondero.

Now Highland is one of the leading fund firms in Dallas. Boasting over $13 billion in assets and $2 billion in healthcare assets, the firm has been growing at an astonishing rate. Much of this success is owed to the innovative decisions that James Dondero has made during his time as President and CEO. In the early 1990s, Dondero decided to start investments in natural gas and emerging markets, something that had been relatively volatile in earlier years. He also created new collateralized loan obligation funds for new investors. These decisions helped to propel Dondero and Highland to the forefront of the investment management space. Follow James on Linkedin.

Highland serves all types of clients and investors, including public pensions, financial institutions, governments, individual investors, corporate investors, funds of funds, and endowments. The firm offers several types of investments, including the traditional mutual funds and ETFs, as well as alternative investment forms such as the collateralized loan obligations that Dondero worked so hard to create. Highland is very involved in the community and has donated millions to charities such as the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Snowball Express. James Dondero’s persistence and innovative thinking will continue to create recognition for the Dallas area for years to come.


Michael Lacey

Michael Lacey was born on the 26th of September, in the year 1959. He is actually an American mathmatician that holds a ph.D. from the University of Illinois.

By the time 1996 rolled around Lacey joined the work force of the Georgia Institution of Technology where he has bestowed almost genius upon some of the students there.

However all his hard work does not go un-rewarded he has been awarded several different awards such as; Simons Foundations and none other than the Guggenheim. That’s just to name a couple!

Lacey claims he is strictly a math loving guy, and is willing to mentor doctoral student and also pre-doctoral students as well. You can apply to have him mentor you by using his email that can be found on his website which is sure to be super infused with knowledgeable information!

As mentioned above 1996 was already a busy year of Lacey, but, yet something else happened for him as well. He and his pal Christoph Thiele actually solved the conjecture subject by Alberto Calderon and were rewarded such a prize as the Salem prize.

Even though Lacey is a very busy man he still finds time to author papers most are sponsored by the National Science Foundation.

Claims have been made the Lacey is a hard working and reliable mathmetician he is currently being named one of the most brilliant mathmeticians of his time. Impressive, right? Let this be said that if you really take an interest in something; don’t stop until you’ve reached your full potential on the subject.

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Agora Financial Has Financial News Network That Spans the Globe

Anyone who is working and is ambitious would want to secure their finances for the future. Managing money is one of the top priorities of the people these days as the market is volatile and anything can happen anytime as seen in the recent past. The market has shown some extreme movements in the past few years that has cost millions of people billions of dollars collectively across the globe. It is why people want to keep aside their money and invest in a manner that their future is secured and they have something to fall back on during rainy times. However, the market has numerous investment options these days that is sure to confuse a person who is not financially aware.

Agora Financial is a publishing company that provides it’s over a million readers with unbiased and accurate financial information. Over a million readers trust the news and market reports offered by Agora Financial and in many occasions have been used by the news channels like Bloomberg and MSNBC as well. Agora Financial doesn’t accept money from any third party to provide promotion based or unbiased financial news to its readers and goes to length to ensure that the financial information it gives is something that its readers can trust and bank upon when making financial decisions. Agora Financial understands how important money is to today’s date, and that is why the firm leaves no stone unturned in ensuring the data it processes, and the information it provides is credible.

Agora Financial has its base in Baltimore, Maryland, and was established in the year 1979 by Bill Bonner. The company has grown exponentially in the last couple of decades, and its office size has also increased manifolds since its launch. Agora Financial has a team of financial experts that include business analyst, famous finance news reporter, investment expert, security expert, stock market experts, and more. The combined experience of so many well-established analysts in one panel helps in ensuring that the news finally printed and published is something that is of value to the readers. The company aims to help its readers achieve their financial goals while minimizing risks.


Neurocore: The Brains Behind the Brain

Neurocore is a company that was founded in 2004. The main goal of the company is to provide accurate brain assessments for the treating illnesses like depression and ADHD. ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Neurocore provides programs for children and adults to help improve brain function and maintain concentration. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

Neurocore uses the latest technology in order to conduct accurate tests. The results are called neurofeedback and give doctors the perfect roadmap in order to help the patient live a better life. A person can take the test and take part in a an individually designed program. The program can have long-lasting results for the patient and that is the ultimate goal of the services of Neurocore. One of the diseases that Neorucore can help with is depression. Here are a few facts about depression that a person may not know to look for.

The first thing is that depression can take a physical toll on the body as well as a mental one.People can suffer from a variety of ailments when it comes to depression such as headaches, shortness of breath and feeling tension through the day. The images of brains with depression also look different from healthy counterparts. Read more at about Neurocore.

A second thing is that the symptoms of depression may not be obvious to the naked eye. People who have depression may suffer in silence and have different symptoms. Some of those symptoms may be a loss of interest in things a person once enjoyed doing, a constant feeling of sadness, and a person may not sleep enough or sleep too much during a normal day.

A final thing is that the most severe cases of depression are treatable. If a person is feeling depressed the best thing to do is to get them to treatment. The earlier treatment starts with depression the better off the person will be. Even though it may be confusing the right treatment or program can work wonders for a patient.

Neurocore is there to help people get back to living a normal life. Neurocore is the brains behind the brain of depression and other illnesses.


Putting Sentient AI to Use With A/B Testing

AI technology continues to evolve each day, creating new ways to put artificial intelligence to use in hardware, software, and innovative markets. Using sentient AI in conjunction with A/B testing offers a wide range of advantages that are becoming more commonplace with businesses and start-ups of all kinds. Understanding the advantages sentient AI brings to the table is a way to outshine competition while successfully building a brand in today’s competitive technological world.

What is Sentient AI?

Sentient artificial intelligence is a useful tool that works to collect, store, and analyze data from various points set by individuals who are using the AI system themselves. With sentient AI, learn more about consumers in less time and without manually digging through the information you receive from shoppers, customers, and browsers on your website.

Why A/B Testing is Essential

A/B testing is used in both online and traditional business settings. A/B testing determines the best route to take when launching new marketing and advertising campaigns based on the audience and target demographic you are looking to reach. By getting a better understanding of your consumers or readers with A/B testing on ads you are currently running, it becomes much easier to create the necessary changes to your marketing campaigns in the future for more success.

Using A/B testing is most prominent within ad serving platforms along with top social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Launching multiple advertisements with similar messaging and varying photos or taglines is a way to learn more about “what works” for those who receive your ads and are most likely to engage with them for their own benefit.

Advantages of Using Sentient AI with A/B Testing

Using sentient AI with A/B testing takes the guesswork out of tracking information and data, allowing you to focus on other aspects of growing your business while saving time. Because sentient AI is able to quickly store, organize, and analyze data you are able to quickly determine the best method to reach those who have a genuine interest in your brand or the products and services you have to offer.

Implementing sentient AI is a way to outperform competition while maximizing the reach you have when launching and going live with new ad campaigns you have in mind. By using sentient AI, take advantage of any market in less time to gaurantee you company’s growth and expansion.

An Intro To The American Institute Of Architects

The American Institute of Architects is an organization that provides support and professional development for a number of architects throughout the United States. It also provides guidance to architectural professionals in other parts of the world as well.

The organization was founded in 1857 by 13 architects. The purpose was to provide an entity for architects to gather and inform each other about the latest trends in the field. It was also formed to help professionals come up with ideas for projects that would improve the quality of buildings as well as infrastructure. Over the course of the organization’s existence, it has grown to over 90,000 members and has therefore maintained steady growth during a long period of time. The American Institute of Architects is based in Washington D.C. and has over 260 chapters all around the world.

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Part of what makes this organization one of the most notable in the field is its values. The American Institute of Architects provides a number of characteristics that help professionals in this field reach their full potential. One of the values it has is equity, diversity and inclusion. This allows the organization to allow professionals from a variety of backgrounds to come together and help each other learn about new ideas and the latest trends in the field. This helps enhance the professional development of many architects in the field. The American Institute of Architects also looks to address a number of issues as well. It currently looks to devise projects that address climate change, immigration, infrastructure and sustainability. This enables the entity to help make the world a better place to live and conduct business in due to the development of more durable homes, buildings and facilities.

Like a number of other organizations, the American Institute of Architects has certain leadership that gives it the direction it needs to reach its goals. The current chief executive officer and director of this organization is Robert Ivy. Over the years, Robert Ivy has provided this entity with policies and strategies that have enabled it to grow as well as maintain itself as the top professional development organization in the field. During his career, Robert Ivy has demonstrated his expertise in the field of architecture. He has served as a chief editor of a number of top publications in the architecture industry. As a leading expert in architecture, he has been in position to help distribute information that helps architects stay up to date on the latest trends in the field.

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The Journey Of Hussain Sajwani In Details

Born in 1953, Hussain Sajwani is currently the chairman of DAMAC Properties. He has an estimated net worth of $3.7 billion. How did he exactly get to where he is right now?



Education And Career Life



Hussain Sajwani started off by graduating from the University of Washington. After graduation, he found a job at GASCO which was a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company.



After working for some time, he decided to venture out and become an entrepreneur. His motivation was from his father who was a businessman and used to import stuff from China. Hussain Sajwani formed his own catering company where he would provide his services to the US Army, Bechtel, among other businesses.



Hussain’s business ventures were not only catering but also, property development. He found a gap in the real estate industry and decided to fill it. That is when he founded DAMAC Properties which is involved in leisure, residential and commercial properties in the Middle East. With its headquarters in Dubai, the company has grown to be one of the largest property development companies in the Middle East.



Being such an influential businessman, Hussain Sajwani has had powerful ties with people such as with Donald Trump. They launched the Trump International Golf Course Dubai in February 2017. In 2018, they plan to open the Trump World Golf Course which was designed by Tiger Woods. It is quite clear that their business ties have been strong for a long time.



Hussain Sajwani has had the necessary experience over the years to run a company. This is why, as the head of DAMAC, the company has continued to flourish. The company has developed properties in cities like London, Dubai, Doha, and Amman. The firm has also employed about 2000 people. In record is over 44,000 units already developed by the company since it was founded.



DAMAC is currently publicly listed in the Dubai Financial Market. For every able person financially, it is essential always to give back to the community. This ensures that you help other deserving people. The businessman has been involved in contributing towards a campaign to clothe needy children and improving their overall living standards. Learn more: