How Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey Are Fighting For Human Rights

There are different ways through which individuals in the society can engage themselves in the process of helping those who are disadvantaged in the society. However, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey have a unique method since they know that easiest way to which such an action can be achieved is by fully taking advantage of the small opportunities that cross our path in this life.

Opportunities come once in a lifetime, and these two individuals know how to benefit from such chances. As a result, they have ended up making such a huge impact in the world of human rights advocacy by establishing an organization that continues to foresee that the rights of those who might want to fight the political powers that have been set or even express their opinions are never abused. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

The authorities that have been established know how to fight back the moment they feel threatened and this exactly what the Lacey and Larking Frontera fund foundation is out there to ensure it comes to a halt.

The challenge being faced in today’s society may be huge, and therefore, it is only by making one step at a time that success will eventually be achieved. Jim and Michael have ensured that more people can get hold of the opportunities that exist, and they have reduced the fear that used to exist among the masses with regards to the consequences that may be faced once they poke the law.

Freedom of expression is a right that is entitled to all individuals in the society, but it is exactly what Jim and Michael ended up suffering for when they made a publication in the Phoenix News Times.

However, their continuous fight for the rights of others and extreme dedication towards the course of protecting human rights have yielded positive results as they have ensured that it is possible for more people in the society to succeed in different situations with less worry unlike it used to be in the past.

Jim and Michael are always in the course of helping other people in the society, and they have achieved this by ensuring that they report on various issues that people face in the society while addressing the need for ensuring that such problems are brought to an end.

However, when they got into problems as a result of reporting on their sheriff, Jim and Michael decided to start a foundation, once it was established that they were being punished as a result of stating the truth.

As much as Lacey and Larkin had to resolve the various issues that faced them, they have always ensured that they help other people in the society who have never had the opportunity of expressing themselves.

The Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin Frontera fund has continually enabled Jim and Michael to fight for the rights of more individuals in the society than other public group formations, and they continue to do this no matter the challenges that they may face in future.

A Home Business And A Glass Of Wine

If you have ever wanted a home business, but didn’t know which direction to turn, there is an exciting, lucrative concern you may not have heard about.

If you enjoy a glass of wine once in a while, and want to start a home business, why not combine the two of them together? If you have friends that enjoy a glass of wine, you can invite them to a wine tasting party.

With The Traveling Vineyard, all you have to do is host a wine tasting party, and the sales will mount up quickly. Most of the sales of wine are impulse buys. That is to say, people purchase wine on an impulse. Very few people go to the store with the intention of purchasing a particular type of wine or brand of wine.

Almost 80% of all wine sales are impulse buys. Think of what the sales will be if people know that they are at a wine tasting party and will be offered a chance to buy the very wine they just tasted.

What is interesting about wine is that the varietals will change from season to season. A lot depends on the weather and the soil conditions in the wine regions where the grapes are grown.

The Traveling Vineyard does not offer cheap fruit flavored wines. Their wines are purchased through vintners who judge the wines, and only purchase the best of the wines from the best chateaux in France and other locations.

Those are the kinds of wines that you and your friends at your wine tasting party will sample, along with snacks to enhance the flavor of each type of wine. At your wine tasting party, The Traveling Vineyard will supply a wine tasting kit, including the invitations, the wines, the snacks, and party favors and gifts. And of course, the most important thing, too: order forms. There is no hard sell on your part. These wines sell themselves.

Then ask a friend to host a wine tasting party for you. You can increase your customer base, and your customer list will continue to grow, and other, older customers will come back for more.

Try The Traveling Vineyard. Have a glass of wine, and make money!

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Sweetgreen’s, Nathaniel Ru, and His Partners

Sweetgreen is a high-end, extremely successful salad chain backed by investors, Steve Case, Danny Meyer, and Daniel Boulud. Founders Nathaniel Ru, Jonathan Neman, and Nicolas Jammet Co-CEO its 40 locations all over the nation. The co-CEOs met while all three were taking an entrepreneurship class at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. together. It was then that they first formed a fruitful partnership that would lead them to become pioneers in using technology for business. Today this digital department is headed by Theresa Dold, Sweetgreen’s head of digital marketing. Learn more:

They found that they shared a common concern that the Georgetown area was greatly lacking in healthy eating options. So they decided to open their own salad-based restaurant. The trio decided on a 560 square-foot tavern in downtown. However, when they told the owner their intentions, they had a hard time winning her to their vision. She eventually relented, however, and another partnership was formed. They then found the investors and an architect. Right after graduating from college, they opened their first restaurant in August 2007.


It was such a booming success that by 2014 they had expanded to 21 locations in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington. Today, more than 30% of company transactions take place either over its website or mobile app. A successful a business strategy they have already clearly had, the three founders are trying to figure out ways to make it even better. The three began and continue to run their company without a main headquarters in their quest to keep their company decentralized. Keeping it decentralized will help the stores mentally. They will be better able to stay focused on pleasing their community rather than feeling they have to please headquarters. Ru says that he wishes he could go back in time and tell his younger self to read more books. Learn more:


However, he has few regrets concerning his business life. He says that they made an extremely good decision early on in building a team so that they didn’t have to do everything. But he does look to other CEOs for examples of how to conduct his leadership style. He particularly admires Kevin Plank, CEO of Armour. Sweetgreens is proud to have all of its ingredients extremely fresh, purchased from local farmers and purveyors. In addition to its many salad ingredients, Sweetgreens has a long list of fresh juices and has an annual music festival.


U.S Money Reserve Announces New E-book Dedicated to Educating Public On Financial Risk And Gold Purchase

Protecting your assests is a global issue that affects all of us on a personal level. In this time of economical unrest due to current political changes, the war on terrorism and insecure internet threats, the U.S Money Reserve has released a new e-book. The 2017 War of Nerves: Global Risk and Your Money.

This educational new report aims to inform the american public on the current economical risks associated with investing, and to properly anticipate your future investments rising by owning gold in today’s financially loose economical foundation. U.S Money Reserve is America’s leading gold Authority. This exciting offer comes with a limited time opportunity to purchase 1/10 oz. of Gold American Eagle Coins at mere cost.

As America’s leader in coin distribution, the U.S Money Reserve is the only gold company in the world led by a former U.S. Mint Director, Philip N. Diehl, the 35th Director of the U.S. Mint. U.S Money Reserve provides excellence in presenting only the finest in United States legal tender coins headed by the foremost leading expert in American currency.

Gold’s enduring purchasing power is well documented. Buying gold today is the only fool-proof way to invest your assets in an uncertain market. With continued economical strife on the rise, the U.S Money Reserve anticipates that their U.S.government-issued gold coin inventory will be liquidated quickly.

With over a decade of superior service in the American gold industry, U.S Money Reserve has had the professional opportunity to assist more than 400,000 individual investors to date. Many of these buyers are reaping the benefits of profit due to their sound investments made through U.S. Money Reserve.

If you are looking to build your current portfolio, make the choice to work with the finest premier Gold coin distributor. Choose U.S. Money Reserve, for quality service and the very best in first-class American coins.

U.S Money Reserve takes great pride in providing outstanding service. U.S Money Reserve has been awarded the distinguished AAA Rating from the Business Consumer Alliance.

This prestigious rating was bestowed upon U.S. Reserve for their ethical and trustworthy business practices. So, rest easy in the knowledge that your purchases are secure in the hands of this distinguished financial institution.

James DonderoAnd His Investment Strategies At Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital Management is one of the largest hedge funds in all of America, and it is a large place that has been diversified many times over the years. There are many different people who will find it easy to ensure that they are given the best services with their hard-earned money. This article explains how James offers better services to all customers, and it gives a look at what the company does to diversify its investments.

#1: The Company Has Investments Everywhere

There are quite a few investments that may be made around the world through the company, and each of these investments will ensure that the customer is earning more money through their account. Diversifying the accounts of each customer is simple because HCM remains diverse around the world.

#2: The Company Is An Alternative Thinker

The company has been based on alternative thinking that James Dondero has used through the years to make changes to his investments. There are many things that James has done to ensure that his clients are earning more money, sand he often sees reports of the movements his company has done. What HCM does is of great interest to make people in the world of investment, and it is important for James to ensure that he is adjusting to the marketplace.

#3: How To Plan For Investments

James hires many of the finest analysts and brokers in the world, and they are all placed in the HCM office to aid clients. The clients who come to HCM to earn money, and they will learn from the associates what their next best step in the process may be. There are several different people who will benefit from what the company does because they have a broker on the other end of the line they trust.The HCM difference is in how it plans its investments. James Dondero runs the company in a style that is appropriate for every customer, and he works quite hard to ensure that all his clients are given the information and investments they need for the good of their financial future.

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Cassio Audi Helped Develop The South American Heavy Metal Genre

Cassio Audi may not be a household name in the 21st century, but for followers of heavy metal across the globe the former drummer is known for the success he achieved with the earliest incarnation of the Brazilian heavy metal band, Viper. Across the planet, Viper have built a strong following for the powerful heavy metal music the band has been creating since 1985 and for the many different influences the band have used over the course of a career that began in 1985; the original lineup of the band has not come together for many years as drummer Cassio Audi is now one of the most respected financial investment experts in South America.

Heavy metal was in its infancy in Brazil when a group of teenagers came together to form the cult band Viper in 1985; the original lineup of Viper included Andre Motas, Felipe Machad, Yves Passarell, Pit Passarell, and drummer Cassio Audi. Like all bands the need to develop their sound was important to Viper and saw the influence of British heavy metal groups of the late 1970s and early 1980s become the main influence for the burgeoning Viper, in fact many music experts point to the iconic British band Iron Maiden as the main influence on the early years of Viper.

Cassio Audi aided Viper in creating its early heavy metal success that saw the drummer appear on early demo recordings and the band’s first studio album, “Soldiers of Sunrise”. Despite some issues with the English language the album is seen as a high point for Viper in their early career. Cassio Audi would leave the band before their next studio album and complete an education that would seen him become an popular financial expert across the nation of Brazil who has been looking to allow as many regular people to invest in the financial markets as possible.

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Donald Trump Turns Down Offer By Hussain Sajwani

People know Hussain Sajwani as the Damac owner. People also know him as a real estate developer. Besides, people know him as a billionaire too. But few know that his new deals that are worth Dh7.3bn have just been turned down by the US President, Donald Trump. This amount is equivalent to US$2 billion.

This is not the first time that Hussain Sajwani was trying to work with Trump. They have already done a few real estate projects together. All of these have been highly profitable for both the parties. In addition, the Hussain Sajwani family is friendly with the Trump family. They exchange e-mails and meet each other for lunches and dinners.

This deal was just another way for Hussain Sajwani to extend its relationship with The Trump Organization. Trump has confirmed that discussions happened on this issue. But he has declined these proposals. These proposals came from Damac properties. They were for a number of property deals.

Hussain Sajwani is well aware that Donald Trump had decided not to enter into any new business deals as long as he is holding this office. He had mentioned this to Hussain Sajwani even before he had taken the oath. He had said that all his business interests will now be handled by a Trust that would be under his sons Don and Eric. Several senior executives will be helping them.

This is because Trump did not want any conflict of interest while he was holding office. This is the reason why he was forced to reject a potential deal that had been put forward by Hussain Sajwani.

Trump also clarified that Hussain Sajwani is his good friend. In fact, they had celebrated the New Year Eve together at the Trump mansion.

Trump wants to maintain a distance between his Organization and Russia too. He has stated that he does not want any deals or any kind of loans from Russia as this would again be a conflict of interest.

Trump had done several licensing deals in partnership with Damac Properties a few years back. Its first deal was the Trump International Golf Club, whose residences were designed by Tiger Woods.

Integrity and Ambition: RE/Max Agent Tammy Mazzocco

Edwards Realty Company has the distinction of being one of the most famous real estate agencies in the state of Ohio, and being on their team means you can be counted among the most talented real estate agents around. During her interview with Inspirery she revealed that becoming a real estate agent wasn’t really something she set out to do, it just turned out to be part of life path and now is one of the defining elements of her as a person.

Tammy Mazzocco doesn’t believe that being a real estate agent is all about making money, in fact, she believes that a balanced life is necessary to truly succeed in the industry. Tammy day starts with meditation and exercise, and then off to work. However, when pressed about how she makes money, she indicated that she sells homes to the highest bidder, and gets a small percentage of that bid as her profit.

Her primary marketing strategy involves her website, kept up to date with the latest content in the real estate world, as well as a professionally managed social media campaign. After all that, it’s all about maintaining your integrity and ensuring that you have a spotless reputation.

According to Philly Purge, Tammy Mazzocco first got her start with commercial real estate firm, The Edwards Realty Company. During her time there she worked as part of a team of 9 commercial agents under Mike Zelnik, a respected Realtor. The following seven years saw her working at Scotland Yard Condominiums managing their interest, and it was during this time she became a licensed real estate agent in 1995 following the advice of her general manager, Ken Cook. His leadership would be instrumental in seeing her become the amazing real estate agent she is today.

In 1998 she joined RE/MAX as a personal assistant to one of their top producers, Joe Armeni. Under his tutelage she would grow in expertise to become the highly successful real estate agent she is today, breaking out on her own in 1999. 2000 saw her joining Judy Gang & Associates in Pickerington, Ohio, where she focused her efforts on selling real estate in Delaware, Licking, Fairfield, and Franklin Counties in Central Ohio. To know more visit Medium.

Sadie Cove Wilderness Lodge

If you have never been to Sadie Cove Wilderness Lodge, then there is still one place in the United States you need to visit. You can’t get any other place that look exactly like it in the whole country. The frontier state of Alaska is blessed for housing this gift of nature. It is situated right in the heart of Kachemak Bay Park, a 10 miles trip from Homer. It is time you have a feel of what life in a wilderness is all about. You are sure to beg for more after spending some time in Sadie Cove.


Randi and Keith Iverson has done well to give the world such a fantastic place. As owners, they understand what a wilderness should look like. It is not a place where you run into multitude of people, so the number of visitors per time is relatively small. That is one reason for the few private guest cabins, precisely five in number. Wind and hydro power electrifies the whole wilderness, and movement is strictly by helicopter, float plane or boat all in a bid to give visitors the best of fun-catching time.


Records show that many visitors often make a return trip to Sadie Cove within a year of their previous visits. It is no surprise, activities like fishing for salmon, beach combing, hiking trails, kayaking, and clam-digging are simply unforgettable. For visitors that come with binoculars, catching irresistible views of orcas, whales, sea lions, seals, sea otters, bald eagles, mountain goats, moose and bears all in the park makes a return trip always on the table.


About Wild Ark


Wild Ark is one of the few active groups using all mediums and doing all that is humanly possible to protect our planet, with emphasis on wild animals and plants. Many of these wild creatures are in danger of extinction. If necessary precautions are not taken, future generations will be deprived of the benefits these creatures offer.


Mark and Sophie Hutchinson, founders of Wild Ark, have proven to be passionate conservationists with this amazing project. They have been able to build a formidable team of men and women with the passion to help save our planet and give wild creatures the opportunity to live.


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Jason Hope Holds the Future in his Hands

Like many aspects of everyday life in United States society, the internet influences many things. This influence even reaches into the airline industry, where technology makes everyday operations from takeoff to landing more efficient and safe. Certain smart and savvy captains of industry, like Jason Hope, are paying close attention to the advances being made in their field of service. And, they really like what they see so far and hold high hopes for the future.

When it comes to safety and security, there are measures that can feel like an inconvenience even if they are really worth the time and effort. However with Bluetooth beacon technology, these safety measures are much more streamlined and cohesive in their collective effectiveness. For example, Virgin Atlantic has Boeing 787 airplanes that connect to a wireless network. This results in safety and maintenance alerts that are shared with ground crews the moment action is needed. They also share information about toolboxes and the condition of safety equipment.

These technological systems also works well for keeping passengers well informed about their baggage and SENS foundation, with beacons attached to luggage tags that share information regarding their location. There is also a good use for this networking system when it comes to making check-ins easier. And, there is more that this tech can do for passengers. If they find themselves turned around and disorientated from travel, their Bluetooth connection to a network can send them directions. In the event that being turned around has wasted too much of their time, flight take off times and reminders to board can be sent to their devices alerting them of the situation.Advances like this are the type of things that really pique the interest of philanthropist, entrepreneur and futurists Jason Hope. For him, being involved with what is going on in the world and what is coming next is the best that he can truly give back to the community at large. Perhaps that is why he holds a degree from Arizona State University and an MBA from W.P. Carey School of Business.